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Muokattu 20. syyskuu 2021

they allow only 1st product as FREE usage and thereafter chargeable , instead they should have given unlimited products with 30 days trial

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Amai vastasi 19. syyskuu 2021

Good day to you. Thank you for your recommendations on the pricing plans.

Muokattu 13. syyskuu 2021

The App works well when it works but the functionality breaks every two months and I need to contact them to fix. I will give them one more chance to address and if it breaks again be moving on.

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5. heinäkuu 2021

How should I delete the APP completely? The corresponding discount cannot be applied at the checkout. I need to delete the contents of the clean APP completely

Cafeiwu Closet
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Amai vastasi 6. heinäkuu 2021

Hi, please be informed that when you delete an app from Shopify via the Apps section, it will not remove the codes automatically. This is a standard Shopify behavior and is well documented on their message boards. The codes had been removed by our developers immediately after receiving the collaborator account.

17. kesäkuu 2021

After deleting, there's still remaining codes in your site (the amai files) , you need to delete manually. quite annoying

Univers Magnétique
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Amai vastasi 18. kesäkuu 2021

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for any inconvenienced caused. This is the typical behaviour of Shopify Apps as Shopify does not allow apps to remove any code once you remove the app.

We are currently working on an improved uninstallation process to guide the merchants better on the process.

6. elokuu 2020

Unfortunately the app only does single item discounts not entire cart discounts which is what I needed. In any case their support was very good and they gave me a refund. I wish in the future they add discounts for all cart items rather than induvidual items. Thanks again guys! :)

Mero Glasses
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Amai vastasi 12. elokuu 2020

Thanks for your feedback and sorry that you've faced inconvenience :(
We are working on the app's improval to become even better!

Muokattu 23. heinäkuu 2020

I wish i could stop being forced to rate every time I go to a page. I dont understand whats going on here

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Amai vastasi 27. heinäkuu 2020

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for inconvenience :(

26. huhtikuu 2020

the calculations are not correct 4 % and 10% not working, please check https://neighbourhoodcoffee.ca/

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Amai vastasi 27. huhtikuu 2020

Thanks for your feedback. Please drop us a line at your convenience in order to discuss the situation. Hope to hear from you soon!

8. helmikuu 2020

Really nice design, fits in nicely with product page does not make the page look cluttered.

However the app works when it wants to, some customers are paying the correct discounted prices yet others are having to pay the full price for the same amount of items.

When I test the app myself it seems to work, all the discount levels are applying to my cart... not sure why some of my customers are paying full price and whether this it is my Store Coding which is the problem; or a fault with the app.

Daily Discount Store
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Amai vastasi 19. helmikuu 2020

Thanks for your feedback, it's really important for us. We tried to contact you over the phone and via email but didn't receive any response yet. Please drop us a line at your convenience in order to discuss the situation.

15. elokuu 2019

App worked well and looked better than most. Sadly you have to add products one by one. If you have many products (we have 4,000) this is just not realistic, especially if you have to make multiple discounts. Great app for sellers with just a few products.

Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 29 minuuttia
Amai vastasi 20. elokuu 2019

Thanks for your review! We understand your frustration about that point and want to add such feature in our next updates to make our customers happy.
Please let us know if you have any questions or issues. We're glad to help you anytime!

18. syyskuu 2018

App does what it says it will do, however, I found the interface a bit confusing. When I reached out for customer support for help, I was put in contact with what was supposed to be a real life human except for it was obviously just a very unuseful bot. I would have appreciated if the customer support was upfront about just providing bot support, as it was just a waste of time. Besides that 4.5 star app.

Instantaneous Ink
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