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31 mei 2018

Terrible quality, there were streaks with the print. But more importantly the overall images look worse than a group high school kids making t-shirts out of their garage. I am not one to write reviews but had to after being screwed out of $400 worth of samples. DO NOT USE

The Heritage Forge
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22 augustus 2018

My biggest disappointment is they don't have an option for zero stars. They printed the shirts ($170 worth) for one of my customers and before the ink dried they folded the image on itself so when the shirt arrived it was all glued together on half of them destroying the product. In addition to that we use VERY high quality images and every single one (that wasn't messed up like I stated above) was blurry, edges over sprayed, and image off set. The product they produce is complete garbage! Oh and none of the sizes are accurate either. You would have better luck laying your picture on a blank shirt and trying to scare the image off the photo and onto the product you are making.

Un Ri Valed
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Bewerkt 22 februari 2018

Absolutely Horrible!!! They single handedly have made me consider closing down one of my shops on another platform due to their horrible quality of products and printing. They claim they use Kornit which is supposed to be the best printer on the market yet they consistently will mess up your orders. They recently caused me multiple bad reviews and screwed up 3 personal shirts I ordered from them as well. T-shirt prints are blurry, they often streak the colors of the print itself, and there is a white border around the image that you want to get printed. The white border issue is something not even the worst printers on the market do anymore. These guys don't know how to use their own machines nor do they do any kind of quality check before your item ships out. I've also had them print out shirts that were completely the wrong color as well. If you order a black shirt, who knows maybe they'll send you out a grey shirt.

The KICKER HERE is the fact that when you go to complain about your issues they try and turn it on you like it's your fault. Andrew told me my art wasnt correct and they cant print semi transparency with the printers they have. Thats funny every other printer i've ever dealt with has ever had a problem. I decided to then use them for only basic designs since their shipping time was so fast. Guess what they started messing up my one color design images as well. I had a basic silhouette image i did in blue for the superbowl. What did I get? A mixture of purple with some signs of blue in the image.


I used them way longer than I should have and probably should have dumped them after the second bad tshirt. There are plenty of great printers on shopify but this isnt one of them. Feel free to contact me if you want to know who the good printers are or if you want to see their subpar work for yourself.

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29 oktober 2017

I've been trying a few different T-shirt providers. Print partners is a good product, but it's one on the more higher priced vendors out there, so your profit margins will be much less on the competitive market. The shirts themselves are basically doubled from wholesale costs, so in the end, your basically a sales rep for their company.
Another concern is the shipping time. On test-purchases it took them almost 10 days to get the product to us, which is much longer than most other providers out there. So they really need to work on their pricing, shipping charges (too high), and the time it takes to get the product to the purchaser.
We won't be using them until the fix those issues

Tactical 5 56
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12 juni 2018

The men's sizing is for kids. There is no way that I, a small female, could fit into the men's 3XL. Screw it.

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