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13 aprile 2023

I am completely all in when it comes to printful. Besides the prices, I like everything about this site.

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Data modifica: 15 aprile 2023

I first started printful in 2019, because they made dropshipping easy, they are trustworthy and they have one of the best apps easily. However, I am taking branding more seriously and i realize printful becomes less and less useful for anybody who wants to brand their clothes.

1. I find shirts that only offer outside labels. That means, you have your logo on the outside and another brands logo on the inside. That's like having nike on the outside and adidas on the inside. That's brand confusion.

2. And those same apparel models are offered by other dropshippers with the option to remove or peel away the inside tags and add your own tag. Why in the world would i pay for an outside below the collar print, when you still have the inside tag from another brand? Would you trust a person if they told you their real name was Paul, but then you see their ID and it says Jeff?

I am literally trying to use printful even though they are more expensive. But they don't take branding seriously imo. I moved printful up to 3 stars because they have excellent delivery track record and makes dropshipping easy, especially for beginners. But we would love to have the inside tag sorted out somehow.
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Printful ha risposto 11 aprile 2023


Thank you for sharing your concerns.
Indeed, some products don't have the option to add an inside label, only an outside one for your logo. We are offering various different products in our catalog and while most of our customers are store owners, we still want to offer more product options for everyone and the tear-away label depends on the manufacturer and our agreement with the supplier. We continue adding more products with branding option. We sincerely appreciate your patience!
Prices in the industry have overall increased due to inflation, but we still offer various features for free (mockups, support, design generator, designs and cliparts).
We're thankful for the feedback you have provided!

10 aprile 2023

Anyone giving this service more than a star doesn't sell more than 2 shirts a month.

We spend about $4,000/month with Printful and they couldn't care less about us. Imagine if YOU had a customer paying you $4,000/month and you had a rough 100% markup like they do. About 15% of the orders have one issue or another.

Packages lost, that Printful has refused to replace, because they can't be bothered to submit a ticket with USPS. Designs printed on the wrong side of the garment. Holes in garments. Sending products to your customers from other shops, instead of yours and some of the things they've sent have been humiliating and we've had to explain to the customer how it wasn't one of our products. I could write an entire novel with all of the issues we've had.

I make a point to let them know about every single issue that they cause in hopes of their service eventually improving and they've BANNED us from their live chat, because there are so many mistakes made and they clearly don't want to hear about them.

Own Your Stigma
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Printful ha risposto 11 aprile 2023


Thank you for writing a review.
We're sorry to hear about your experience with us. Please know that it has never been our intention to inconvenience you. We have certain policies when it comes to shipping issues and each case is reviewed individually.
While our prices may be a bit higher than other providers, our prices also reflect our 24/7 support, free clipart, designs, mockups and option to edit the designs with our generator.
We're thankful you are taking the time to report each mistake since we are constantly improving based on your feedback. We ship out thousands of orders each day from each of the facilities, so some errors can happen but we do take responsibility for them.
Please note that users are not banned from chat, our chat at times is not available due to long queues, however, we are available via email 24/7

Thank you for sharing your concerns, they help us look into situations closer and improve the services we offer.

3 aprile 2023

This is the best Print On Demand ever! The products are of good quality and the support is excellent and fast.

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2 aprile 2023

I am absolutely blown away by the quality of service provided by Printful. From start to finish, the entire process of creating and selling my own custom merchandise has been a breeze thanks to their platform. The products themselves are top-notch, with vivid colors and high-quality materials that have held up beautifully over time. But what really sets Printful apart is their exceptional customer service, which has always been prompt, courteous, and incredibly helpful whenever I've needed it. I would recommend Printful to anyone looking to create their own branded merchandise - they truly are the best in the business!

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22 marzo 2023

I made design i made everything so that it fits good, but when i press the button of selling nothing happens, it does not add on store it is not opening new window, the buttonn makes nothing, so the app is not working

Nikita Studio
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Printful ha risposto 24 marzo 2023

Hello! Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing some trouble adding products to your store. We see that you've reached out to our support already and hope that the issue can be resolved soon!

20 marzo 2023

I just had my first order go through Printful and fulfillment was declined. I have no idea why and there is no real customer support. Because the order was placed thru Facebook, I can't cancel that portion of the order and Facebook will not complete payment. it is a real cluster and there is no "help guide" that deals with my specific issue. I sent two emails, and requested support thru Shopify, but there is no way of even knowing if your email was received because they don't even acknowledge receipt! EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED!!!!
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Printful ha risposto 24 marzo 2023

Thank you for your review and for sharing your experience! We're truly sorry to hear that you're experiencing some trouble with the order import!
To ensure that the orders can import to Printful after the new update, please ensure that you've enabled to track quantity and set that inventory is managed by Printful. We see that you're in direct contact with our support team and we hope that the issue is resolved soon!

17 marzo 2023

Starting my own clothing brand Wulfzy Savage Streetwear, was tough and the world is tough place for a young and ambitious entrepreneur, but Printful turned that journey into an adventure, by creating a great and affordable print-on-demand platform, so that I as a small South African online business can grow and expand locally and internationally, by giving our customers the best service possible.

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16 marzo 2023

Printful has been fairly easy to learn for me. I'm 64 - nothing like starting late, right? So far, I've been very happy with the platform and the ease and speed with which it integrates with my Shopify store. Give it a try!

Premium Chakra
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10 marzo 2023

Printful is a one stop shop, everything you need or need done they can do, I had such a hard time figuring things out but their support team worked with me until I got it, thanks to someone named Javier who sent me a step-by-step link, it explained everything I needed to know, a big thank you to Javier.

Real Men Apparel
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