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12 febbraio 2023

Like the app! Let´s you print many things on hoodies, tshirts etc. interface is easy to use and nice app to have

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11 febbraio 2023





Local Tshirts
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10 febbraio 2023

I used the "Sample" feature for the first time to see what the final product would be like for a customer. I learned quickly that I needed to make a couple of small tweaks in my design set-up to get exactly what I was going for with a long sleeve tee shirt. The whole process was simple, cost effective and happened quickly!

My Fun Beach Shop
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2 febbraio 2023

Printful is a great service for those who are just getting started on their own online shop. The interface is easy to use and there are many tools available for you to get started.

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31 gennaio 2023

Very good quality clothes. Including product pricing which is nice. Also can order sample without killing the bank which is nice.

Peridot X
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29 gennaio 2023

I believe the App is nicely integrated with Shopify. I tried multiple POD Apps, and this one stands out. I ordered samples myself and the quality of the products is definitely outstanding. I hope Printful allows merchants to send notes or customize messages to customers, that will help with marketing and encourage customers to return.

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29 gennaio 2023

nice app,but i would love to see more products in the future like over size t shirts or beach towels

Be Savage Co
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29 gennaio 2023

Amazing app to work, I really like working on Printful. It is very easy and convenient to add designs.

Art Your Time
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29 gennaio 2023

If you are not using this for your store what are you doing? Printful is the most convenient, reliable website ever. They had protection with the mail services so if it gets there lost or damaged they will send a new one out. I am so glad I discovered them and do not know where I would be at. Some things get a bit pricey but are so worth it because my customers love my products. They also make it so fast that within 2-3 days the products are shipped out. Only on weekdays. I hope this helps and that you choose printful for your store. From me (Surf Club) to you choose PRINTFUL!!

Surf Club
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28 gennaio 2023

Works great love this app only things you can even complain about are super nitpicky. The UI is a bit clunky but so is shopify in my opinion so that might just be on me.

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