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I do recommend the app to others, how ever was a little confused when you couldn't do this product
JDM Bill Cap
Another thing you change things to often, I come on like today and do this servery and try to make a product and order it. For some reason I cannot find a way to my templates?
Printfulが返信しました 2024年4月4日

Thank you for leaving a review! We appreciate the feedback and we'd certainly be happy to check further on the mentioned situation. Please send us an email at and we'll be happy to look into it.


The app is easy to use and reliable in terms of features and integration with Shopify. However, there are certain quirks that need to be fixed. E.g. if the seller choose to provide free shipping on the product, the cost should be carried to Shopify including the shipping cost from Printful as that would help the seller and Shopify to calculate profit correctly. Without this feature built in, sellers are forced to update each item variant's cost price one by one, which is a time killer.


Overall, I love the app. However, there needs to be some very detailed research into bringing more products into your catalog. Things such as a wider variety of colors for certain tees, tanks, and muscle shirts, two-sided outdoor flags, a wider variety of accessories, home and living products, etc. Also, the designer should be able to allow you to change the DPI settings manually, instead of the increasing or decreasing the designs by mouse.

Unity Tree Apparel
Printfulが返信しました 2024年4月4日

Thank you for sharing your feedback, we truly appreciate it! Feel free to reach out to us via email and we'll be happy to review your suggestions. Your opinion helps us provide the best services for our users!


I would recommend the app. I would change some things. like better t shirt quality. letting us take a design and put it anywhere on the clothing. its kind of hard to design on the app. put things where you want them on the clothing.

Galloping Glitter Equestrian
Printfulが返信しました 2024年3月24日

We're glad to hear you would recommend us to others and thank you for leaving us the review! We appreciate the feedback and we'd certainly be happy to check further on the T-Shirt quality you mentioned as well as the available area for printing. Please send us an email at and we'll be happy to take a look into it right away.


When I decided to sell products online, Printful was recommended to me. As I researched Shopify, the person told me to use Shopify as my store website in collaboration with Printful, who will fulfill my orders and send them to my customers. Since then, I have been satisfied with Printful. The pros to using Printful is that you can design products with relative ease, they have great customer service, and they provide their customers with reshipments/refunds for damaged/incorrectly produced products. The cons to using Printful is that although they have an extensive product catalogue, some popular products sold elsewhere are not available and that some of Printful's products are more expensive.


Printful takes a very long time to roll out new products that other sites offer, especially for women and athleisure/ swimming. My customers and I have had very good experiences with products, offers and shipping since 2020.

Non Standard Voyage
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We appreciate your feedback and we're happy to hear that you've had a great experience with us! We always want to make sure that the products we provide, will fit our quality standards before they can be purchased by your customers.

We would also love to hear your opinion, feel free to send us a message to Your feedback certainly helps us improve and deliver top-notch service!


My experience with Printful has been great. They are easy to use and the integration with Shopify and WordPress has been seamless.

When it comes to creating products, I wish that they provided design templates.

Tanya's Tees & More

Great quality products and prints look great. Just not enough of the products I want to sell. Need more options for home goods. Such as, hand towels (Poly/cotton), dinner plates, serving utensils. Prices are a little high but they do have great print quality for the price.

Blue Cava
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Thank you for your review and recommendation! If you have any suggestions for new products you'd like to see from us, you can also submit a request on this page This will help us to organize all new requests better and ensure that they're properly addressed!


All works well, just wish the margins were greater.

Lisa Brown's Treasure & Gifts
Printfulが返信しました 2024年4月7日

Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate it! 😊


I would! I have had a great experience to get me off my feet. I am concerned about sustained profitability as I grow. The price is high but I understand all that goes into it - so I think its worth it.

Seek and Design