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18 maart 2021

The biggest problem I had was not all my products are POD and the sync instructions were not clear which resulted in my having to recreate a lot of products. Once it's synced, I can't really unsynced and that make my back end messy. I ended up deleting products and recreate it. Also had a problem with ordering the sample swatch color shirt in White and Black as suggested by their support. It's a Printful House design (showing all the colors and codes) and not upload by customers. But the black color swatch shirt have all the codes printed in black ink (on a black shirt) which is totally not readable and not usable. I went on support for a few days to get a new one send to us with the codes in white (on a black shirt) so we can match the color codes, and somehow it is all my fault for Printful charging me for a swatch card/shirt that is totally useless. I am NOT IMPRESSED. Printful sold a faulty product here. If you need to get a color code swatch shirt, skip the black one altogether as it is of no value. As the the integration, it works well. Very easy to set up and use. However, it cannot compensate for sometimes long and sometimes short fulfillment time. I have to answer to my customer too and that totally rely on the POD fulfiller's ability to delver as promise and deal with problem as they come up. The app is good, the support to go with it is only so so. Fulfillment time is a bit too long and prices higher than others.
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Printful heeft geantwoord 19 maart 2021

Hi there!

Thank you for your feedback! We're very sorry your experience using our services hasn't been the best!

In regards to matching the color to the swatches on the swatch shirt, there are two separate files available: you can upload the "color swatch for colors" onto a colored shirt and the "color swatch sample for white" onto a white shirt.

You can find out more about color matching for print-on-demand clothing + download Printful’s color swatches here:

We're very sorry to hear that your interactions with our customer service have not been great and we would definitely like to know more about your experience. High-quality customer service is one of our top priorities and we train our team extensively to provide an excellent customer support experience to our users. Regarding your order, I have reached out to you directly on this.

- Elina

23 december 2019

The limited number of available colors for shirts are a drawback. Won't work for me. Why list so many colors when only a few are available?

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Printful heeft geantwoord 23 december 2019

Hi, thank you for your review! We really appreciate it! We are looking into adding more products as well as expand our current product selection by adding new color variants.
If there is a color variant that is not available for a specific item, it is possible that it is temporarily out of stock or available for fulfillment only in a specific region (either in the USA or EU).

If there are any colors or new products you would like to see available in Printful, let us know by sending a message to! We like hearing from you!

- Zana

5 mei 2017

I need golf/polo style shirts with collar's. My site revolves around the golfing and a majority of golf course require a 'Proper Attire". Which means shirts with a collar, No cut off's or blue jeans...

Golf For Peace
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30 augustus 2016

you claim to have beanies and flat caps and such but i never get the option to add them to my store which is really disappointing. as much as i love using your platform. ALSO i dont get a side view on my legging which means now i have to pay extra for photo shoots so people can see my merchandise.

Jawn Street Wear
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16 juli 2015

Really slow delivery. It took almost 4 weeks to get the shipment in. My customers started complaining :/

Cs Ts
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22 september 2016

I love the idea and I was stoked to use the service, but with the company being located in CA it's a tax nightmare. If you operate as an LLC and use Printful be prepared to pay an yearly $800 fee to CA if 25% of your sales come from Printful.

Ignite Liberty
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23 juli 2014

This may be a great app and service but it is not easy to get started and to get Smartify and Printful working together. The video says it is easy, but it has not worked for me and i have been trying it for hours.

Busting Loose
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Bewerkt 29 mei 2016

Loved how easy it was to design a shirt. However, shipping/processing took forever and one of my samples was messed up. It had faded letters from someone else's design near the bottom of the shirt, like my shirt had been laid on top of someone else's shirt that wasn't dry or something :-/ Very frustrating. I tried printful on a trial account (laura's t's) before using it on my real online store. I'd hate for a customer to received messed up shirts when my sample was messed up to start with.

Jane Jean
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24 mei 2018

Like many of the print on demand apps available the shipping options for EU / UK customers are prohibitively expensive to the point that it becomes unviable. Printful looked good because they have an EU print factory however you only realise afterwards that the product range and colours stocked are very limited - almost all products are U.S fulfilled. To give you an idea on shipping - I wanted to order a sample with 3 items (1 cap, 2 tshirts.)... Shipping = $26! Now try passing that kind of additional cost on to your UK customers!

The other thing I did not like is that when adding the Printful app - it automatically imports *all* of your other products and syncs them - I'm assuming because they want you to republish the products using their app - seems very heavy handed. Every item in your shop currently will get imported and details of every order you process in the future (even for products not fulfilled by Printful) will be sent to Printful.

Despite the above I give 3 stars because for sure the app and onboarding experience is polished.

We Are Impermanent
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15 november 2018

really don't understand the app. I mean I thought I did until my orders came in. the store keeps saying sync and i do that everytime, i became kinda annoyed

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