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6 juni 2020

This app is easy to install and it is easy to create new products. The problem: When people ORDER. I had a client order a t-shirt (a t-shirt!!) in early May. After several weeks, I wrote to them. They blamed Covid-19 for the delay and said it would be a month (for a t-shirt...'cause they first have to do research and INVENT the t-shirt). THEN, they said THAT type of mystical t-shirt was out of stock. TWO choices: cancel order or change the order. I changed the order. Now, one month since the original order, I was told that I am looking at late JUNE for the order to be fulfilled.

The customer service was prompt (I will grant them that) but a bit condescending. In all, this has been VERY disappointing. I am ACTIVELY exploring other options.

The Shepherd Comic
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Printful heeft geantwoord 9 juni 2020

Hi there, thank you for your review, we appreciate hearing from you! I’m sorry to hear that your experience with us hasn’t been the most positive so far, but I hope we can improve it moving forward!

Due to the situation with Covid-19, we are still encountering fulfillment delays and for DTG printed items, the current fulfillment timeframe estimate is 23-28 business days in the USA. We are seeing these delays due to the various state restrictions and an increased order volume, which we were not expecting at this time. We are hiring more production staff and up-scaling our printing tech, to help us fulfill orders faster, while keeping the health of our employees at our facilities in mind. Fulfillment delay is expected for the time being, but I hope we can catch up soon!

I am sorry to hear that the order also encountered an out of stock item, I definitely understand how this can make the situation more unpleasant. We do notify our users as timely as we can in case there is an issue with the stock for an item, but rarely, we may not receive information about the stock of the items being as early as we’d like, but we would still notify you timely.

When you are making changes to an order, the order’s estimated fulfillment timeframe will reset, which means that the order will be pushed back to the end of the queue at that moment.
I can definitely understand how these events can add up to an unpleasant experience for you and we sincerely apologize for this. We understand that timely fulfillment is important for our users and all of our teams are working hard to fulfill orders as quickly as they can.
I will follow up with you via email as well and we’ll work on fulfilling your order as soon as possible!

- Zana

15 februari 2018

This is extremely frustrating for me. The price is confusing, the shipping info very complex, and the price isn't very affordable.

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9 december 2022

Way to hard for set up! Not sure how this will work out but I am giving it a try. I can't even tell if all my stores are connected.

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7 augustus 2018

Gave it a try but sorry it's true new business owners...just turn the other way. I love their site, I was on my way to use only them for starters but the fulfillment time is horrible along with the shipment time. I guess I should have name the product Casper because the order vanished in thin air. the tracking number is stuck on pre-shipment label created and Printful swears up and down it is the carrier issue. When I contact them they tell me to contact my carrier. How can I do that if the carrier never received the item? This has been a disappointment but a turn in the right direction for business. I'm glad I discovered this hiccup early, I will no longer be using this vendor.

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15 januari 2021

The integration with Amazon dosen't work anymore, the information on Printful web site is outdated... The discussion I have had with Printful is that Amazon has changed the process and at the moment Printful cannot help, you have to look to Amazon. By reading all the comments on the web and here, I conclude that I am not going to partner with Printful and look for another POD. .

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Printful heeft geantwoord 16 januari 2021

Hi there!

Thank you for your review! We're very sorry your experience using our services hasn't been the best!

We do our best to follow any updates within the integrations. The design and layout of the GTIN exemption have indeed been changed by Amazon recently. However, the information that needs to be entered and the steps still remain the same.

We are currently working on updating our FAQs, and we value our customer feedback.

I will follow-up with you via email to provide additional information on your concerns.

- Elina

20 februari 2022

I've just finished completing my first order and I will admit, it was not that straight forward to setup the fulfillment details. Additionally, the fulfillment process identified Latvia as the closest location??? I'm in the US and it sounds like I will be waiting a while for this. I am doing this order for myself to test the service before fully opening my shop so I'm concerned that I might need to find another service if the order is greatly delayed.

Mister Miguel
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Printful heeft geantwoord 21 februari 2022

Hi, Miguel!

Thank you for your review. We're sorry to hear that there were some issues with creating your first order.
Please note that the item you chose can be fulfilled only in two of our facilities - Latvia and the UK. You can see this information in the product catalog under the Availability tab for this product. While we do our best to offer all of our products in all our facilities, it depends on the suppliers available in the area. Thank you for understanding.
The fulfillment process for this order has already started, so we hope to ship it out as soon as possible. As you noted, the delivery speed for international orders may take time but we are working with different carriers to ensure the fastest delivery possible. You can always track the order via the tracking link when the package is sent out.
To see products that can be delivered the fastest to you, please consider setting up your account preferences to the US to limit the product catalog's variety.

- Renate

6 november 2018

I liked it till it comes to it syncing . then while im trying to figure it out ,, you keep asking mee to rate it

T's-&-A's Tee's By Artists
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17 april 2020

The installation and integration with Shopify is easy and without any problems. However, the waiting times for fulfillment and shipping is WAY too long (5- 7 working days for fulfillment and another 6 days for delivery) you can forget the 2-4 days for fulfillment as it seems the maximum is the norm. If you sell in Germany after a week of waiting the customer will most likely cancel the order and request a refund as he /she would perceive your shop as a fraud, will not buy in your store again and will leave a negative feedback. German customers will simply not accept to wait 2 weeks for their product to be delivered. Add to that public holidays and you can end up with almost 3 weeks of delivery times. That's a no-no in Germany.

Rakked Energy
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Printful heeft geantwoord 17 april 2020

Hi, thank you for your review, we really appreciate it! Our fulfillment timeframe is 2-7 business days for apparel items and 2-5 business days for non-apparel products. Although we'll definitely try to fulfill your orders as soon as possible, we ask to consider the full fulfillment timeframe when submitting an order. Of course, we are working toward faster fulfillment as we understand that it is important to receive products in a timely manner. The delivery time will depend on the delivery option you select.
Additionally, we ask to take into account the current situation with Covid-19 (see our FAQ here:, as some delays in fulfillment (depending on the product and fulfillment location) and delivery are expected currently. We hope for your understanding during this time and we hope to return to faster fulfillment and delivery times very soon!

If you have questions concerns about an order (its fulfillment or delivery), definitely let us know at, so we can take a closer look at the status of it!

- Zana

28 september 2017

Ordered a sample tote bag so I could test out the process for my customers. Great bag! However shipping to Canada took well over a week, the product was packaged roughly with a crumpled up receipt and was charged a $15 handling fee on delivery.

Clearly not for Canadian shoppers.

Nova Scotia Tidal Salt
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26 juni 2018

It might have been a great app except that I'm not paying THAT much just for a hoodie. You have to realise that if I want to make commission i need to mark up the price, and nobody is paying $70 for a basic hoodie with some writing on it

Hottest Vault
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