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19 september 2023

I only gave 5 stars because 6 was not an option. If you are considering starting a legitimate clothing brand or just looking to make some extra money selling your designs, please do yourself a favor and go with Printful. I generally never write reviews as I am an extremely busy and type A++ personality. However, after watching dozens and dozens of comparison videos of Printful to POD providers, I chose two of the others first. Because I was lured into the comparison video trap where not all things were being considered. It is about VALUE, not PRICE. the only way to build a brand or sell your designs is through consistent quality. Consistent Quality comes at only a small higher price, but it will more than payoff in the form of satisfied customers, repeat business, good reviews, and flexibility. I chose two other before Printful and the difference is the other POD's cannot always ensure consistent quality simply due to the model they use. Other POD's simply outsource the work to the lowest bidder, or in some cases you can request the same provider and hope that it gets done, when it needs to get done, at the same quality as before. If a provider provides poor quality, yes those other POD companies will eventually drop them as a provider, but at that point it has already caused problems for your brand and designs. I learned this the hard and expensive way, and having too many negative reviews will get you delisted form some selling sites. This is where Printful is different. Rather than "offshore" or "offload" the jobs to other companies, Printful prints all of their own items at their own facility using their standardized QC process. This helps ensure consistent quality. Their reputation and business viability is greatly diminished if they do not provide quality products to the customer. So they have a business value proposition for ensuring consistent quality. Next big reason for choosing Printful, FLEXIBILITY. Most of the other POD suppliers do not have the option for Sleeve prints or Private label branding. This is HUGE if you are trying to build a clothing brand or streetwear brand. This allows your brand to look professional and official. The third reason to choose Printful is what I call "Small Touch Service", where they will allow you to send them branded packaging to ship your products. This includes mailers, inserts, etc, all of which reinforce the legitimacy of your brand. So if you want the CHEAPEST, and your brand is not that important to you, then try the others and learn as I did the difference between Initial Cost and Total Cost of ownership, including returns, refunds, being delisted for bad reviews, etc. I almost lost all of the time and money I invested in my brand and designs "CHASING CHEAP". You took time and effort to create the designs and the brand, don't let all that be lost . Brand failure is expensive and embarrassing. Do not make the mistake I made. The slightly higher rate you pay at Printful is to provide you the best chance at building a successful brand or design collection providing what you are really selling, your reputation. You deserve consistent quality designs. You deserve Printful. DaleH, CFO, MBA, A2B Logistics and CrossUp Brands. Hit me up at with any questions or comments regarding this app. No I was not paid anything by Printful. This is an unpaid unpolitical advertisement.

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10 augustus 2023

I use Printful for branded merch on my site. My initial reason for engaging with Printful was because I needed some branded t-shirts for my own use when making social media content. The retail print on demand options were stupid expensive and Printful made a lot of sense because I was also able to add merch to my website.

Getting the plugin installed in Shopify is a snap. The setup on the Printful side was a little clunkier than I would have liked but once I understood how to make product templates on their site and then sync them back to my Shopify store it has been easy to add additional print on demand products.

I have not needed to interact with anyone at Printful as I found their online help to be great.

The quality of the final result is awesome and they ship very quickly which is great. All in all I am very happy with Printful and would recommend to others.

Lumberjack Flash
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11 november 2022

I have been using Printful since I opened my online store in 2019 and while I have tested out other POD companies (CustomCat, Gooten, etc) - Printful is by far the absolute best in every instance. Customer service is outstanding - always quick to respond or help, their resources are super helpful when knowing what information to provide my customers with so to cause as little error or confusion as possible. Though rare, if there is a quality or printing error - Printful has found a quick solution each time. Of course I would like to see some better options but that comes with time and growth! Since I have been using their services for almost 4 years's been great to see them really listen to customers feedback and concerns, turn around and apply them while just improving even more! I never feel like I'm not aware of new policies/shipping delays or holiday prep because Printful always keeps me in the loop. I am a very big Printful fan and will continue to use their services -- if you're on the fence, go with Printful, you will not regret it. I truly do not think I would be able to run my business successfully if it wasn't for Printful and how helpful they have been from the very beginning.

Woof Cultr
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12 augustus 2023

As someone just starting their own online business, I've found this app to be an excellent way to test my ideas and get started. It's beneficial when you're limited on supplies or resources.

While I still have a lot to learn, it's comforting to know that I have this option to fall back on until I can figure things out on my own. I'm excited to see where this journey takes me

Dreaming is for Free
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13 juli 2023

As someone just starting their own online business, I've found this app to be an excellent way to test my ideas and get started. It's beneficial when you're limited on supplies or resources.

While I still have a lot to learn, it's comforting to know that I have this option to fall back on until I can figure things out on my own. I'm excited to see where this journey takes me!

Merchandise Store
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2 oktober 2022

Printful is a good app to use once you understand how to use it. It is really easy and very simple steps with videos to assure you on how to use it. I have found that few graphics I need are not here when searching, but it is okay I have some non-Print on demand apps I use as well! Also, everyone's niche is different, and if you use Printful pictures you can adjust things on their app rather than using another you will have to make sure everything is adjusted before you upload your file. I love that Printful gives the option of uploading your own files as well. Overall, 5 stars with shipping and making sure your products reach your customers in a quick timely fashion due to warehouses all over so that the shipping is fast, and the printing is better than anything I have ever seen. It is very bright, and my customers are very happy with their products, and you will be too. Choose Printful you won't regret it even You Tubers show that Printful products beat others.

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24 juli 2023

It is super easy to use Printful. There are many options to choose from for your POD needs. Also, making modifications to my store is not hard at all. When I needed to remove some data from my store & could not do it, I opened up the chat option to the site to get help immediately. I also like that I can buy a sample of a product before placing it on my store. Now, the hard part, marketing.

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29 januari 2023

If you are not using this for your store what are you doing? Printful is the most convenient, reliable website ever. They had protection with the mail services so if it gets there lost or damaged they will send a new one out. I am so glad I discovered them and do not know where I would be at. Some things get a bit pricey but are so worth it because my customers love my products. They also make it so fast that within 2-3 days the products are shipped out. Only on weekdays. I hope this helps and that you choose printful for your store. From me (Surf Club) to you choose PRINTFUL!!

Surf Club
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5 augustus 2023

I'm really impressed with the integration between Shopify and Printful. It was extremely simple to set up and manage. Syncing products between the two apps felt effortless, literally with just a few clicks. The platform is user-friendly even for a non-tech person like me. The Printful team has done an outstanding job making sure their app communicates with Shopify in the most streamlined and smooth manner. This handy integration has tremendously reduced manual work and has made managing my online store a breeze. A big thumbs up to the folks at Printful and Shopify for providing such a simple yet effective solution for eCommerce businesses. I strongly recommend this for anyone looking to simplify their online selling process.

Graphic Threadz
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12 juli 2023

Excellent company, better than others. Just hoping for more products in the future and reduced shipping times for certain products. Also product cost could do to lower a bit on certain items, however I have no reason to give the company anything less than 5 stars considering their huge advantages over competitors and my experience so far.

Amaterasu Avenue
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