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5. listopad 2020

They took a week to print my order and by the time they did the customer decided to cancel the order. Use printrove at your own risk. Customer Service is also poor. I tried to get my shopify store connected with my Printorove account. the executive kept telling me disconnect and connect again. That never worked for me and they closed the ticket.

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Vývojář Printrove odpověděl 21. leden 2021

Dear Cupidtrails Team,

I appreciate your honest feedback here, and I’m so sorry we let you down. I want to try to explain how your order got delayed.

With the lockdown being implemented in India in April, most consumers started shifting to spending online to avoid exposure in public places. When the shift happened, more and more merchants started selling online, and the number of orders that we had to fulfill increased drastically. We had not seen this coming and we were certainly not ready for that volume. As a result, your orders started getting delayed and we clearly disappointed you, falling short of fulfillment timelines and the right talent.

We should have anticipated this. We know that we've let you down, but please be assured when we say that we have been able to turn this around.

As of today, we've tripled our capacity and brought the fulfillment time down as well. You may place an order for any apparel and see it get dispatched within 3 to 4 working days and the operations team would be working 24/7 to bring it further down. Just so you don't miss out on this, you can email us at and we'll place a new order for you without any charges. I hope you’ll allow us to make it up to you.

You also mentioned that there was a ticket created reporting your store connection issue with Printrove. I might be wrong but I checked with everyone on our tech team as well as in our internal database, and no one recalls this happening. Do you mind following up with me on to let me know what ticket ID was this issue reported under? My name’s Shrey, and I’d love the opportunity to talk this through with you to make it right.

Thanks again for the feedback, and take care!

18. březen 2021

I signed up for their website around 5 months ago. If you are planning to use Printrove for phone case, please don't. I have placed around 10-15 orders and faced issues for almost 90% of orders. Although they agreed to replace most of the orders quality issues still persist. I am writing this review because I have been patient enough and allowed them enough time but still had issues like the case doesn't even fit on the respesctive phone model. Some designs were not even printed straight. And a most of them had bad colour quality as well.

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4. září 2020

Very bad service I have seen ever. Install this app at your own risk.




Ideal Choice
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Vývojář Printrove odpověděl 21. leden 2021

Dear Ideal Choice Team,

Yikes! I’m so, so sorry to hear that this happened. Please allow me to explain.

Since COVID 19 and the lockdown being implemented in India, it has been a really bumpy ride for Printrove​ in terms of operational stability.​ New challenges that we just could not have anticipated kept coming up day and night. Our infrastructure was not capable of handling the order volume and to scale up, we needed skilled machine operators and increased capacity. On top of this, our suppliers were low staffed and most importantly, our factory workers had to leave to their home towns since their safety also couldn't have been compromised.
​When we finally did manage to scale up our operational capacity, electricity wires lit up with fire, despite being situated in an industrialist area. Fortunately, none of us were harmed. To solve this, we had to request the state electricity board to increase the electricity consumption and when this was at last done, Printrove’s facility became prey to power cuts.

We had been operating without power backups to date since the old machines didn’t require us to install a backup and the production also was not majorly impacted with lower order volumes to fulfill. But with the new machines which were already high energy and power-consuming, this was not a choice. A single hour of power cut would put us right back to where we started from in the day due to the production loss.

In the midst of all this, we had to constantly hire new employees to make up for the shortage of talent and by the time we would train them, they had to, unfortunately, leave due to unavoidable reasons. We were completely new to HR and had no proper policies set in place to avoid attrition. When things started getting back to normal, we had to fly our employees back from their hometowns to get them to work.

Having said all of this, as of today, we are at last seeing operational stability after months and all apparel orders placed on Printrove are getting dispatched in 3 to 4 working days. As a team, we’re all laser-focused on building our backend system robust enough to handle the next wave. We’ve installed a power backup, increased the capacity three folds and also set up proper systems in place to ensure that HR activities take place in harmony.
Lastly, we’re really very sorry we messed up but we truly wish to make it up to you by shipping a t-shirt without any charges just so you also get to experience seamless operations. Just send us an email to under your registered email address and we’ll get it done.

Thank you for your feedback and I’m looking forward to the chance to make this right.

Kind Regards,

29. březen 2021

Slow shipping. Non-responsive customer care, very long remittance, it will take 10 days to ship the order and another 14 days after the order delivery to you, Very bad Returns Policy, Apart from this everything is good

Thrill Clothing co
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9. říjen 2018

BEWARE! its free to install but they want you to place your credit card on file for $5000. BeWare Beware

Spojené státy
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Vývojář Printrove odpověděl 20. březen 2019

Hello ComfiArt Team,

Thank you for installing our app. We believe that there has been some confusion and we're writing to make things clear.

We would like to tell you that our app is currently enabled only for Shopify store owners in India. We do not charge a $5000 fee for activation of your account but there is a one-time recharge of 5000 INR which is given back entirely as Printrove Credits using which you can use to place orders with us. This means that there are absolutely no registration charges or subscription fees to use the Printrove app for Shopify.

Also, we do not ask for your credit card information on file and we accept payments through a 100% secure payment gateway. You pay only when you place an order and you do not have to maintain a minimum amount balance with us.

We hope this makes it clear. Thank you for your interest in Printrove.