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7 de abril de 2021

I tried this app because the prices of our products change a lot. They provide great service and the app works really well.

Dinh Store
About 19 hours usando a aplicação
20 de outubro de 2022

I downloaded their app to see if it would help. I did not have a chance to use it and I was charged $199. When I scan through the app store and find apps I want to try there should be a place to keep them until I'm able to use

Tarps America
Estados Unidos
21 days usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Prisync 20 de outubro de 2022

We are so sorry for your experience. As stated at the beginning of the free trial, after 14 days, you get charged our standard fees automatically - unless you uninstall the app. However, we have a 100% unconditional refund policy in your case & would be happy to help you with an immediate refund of that automatically charged $199.

24 de outubro de 2015

This app does not take into account coupons and discounts that subtract from the price of the item at checkout. In addition the prices that this app quoted did not match the website's prices...

Heritage House 2
Estados Unidos
3 days usando a aplicação
27 de junho de 2015

I totally recommend this app if you need to monitor the prices of your competitors on a regular basis. The integration with Shopify is very smooth and the support we got from the team was superb.

6 minutes usando a aplicação
4 de janeiro de 2023

Weeks after deleting this app, they keep sending me emails with no way to unsubscribe. They refuse to remove my account or stop the emails.

Smart Gear Technology
8 minutes usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Prisync 7 de janeiro de 2023

Dear Smart Gear team,

I am Burc - the CEO of Prisync.
Firstly, I am sorry for the whole experience you went through.

Our team was trying to ensure that you were not missing some key functionality you could not experience during the free trial & wanted to communicate that with you after your 14-day free trial with us. This proactive approach was rewarded many times with 5-star reviews from our merchants worldwide - sad that it worked in quite the opposite way for you.

All communication was stopped on the same day you requested that.
Your Shopify-integrated account was removed the very instant when you uninstalled our app.

We - small businesses worldwide - all need more positive energy throughout this challenging year. Therefore I am sending you all the best wishes from the Prisync team & wish you a very successful business year.

Keep in mind that we're open to dialogue whenever you permit us again - and this time, we'll make sure that you set the tone. :)

10 de novembro de 2021

Pointless App ...Charge you 129$ so I will give the app a link of a competitor product ...manually ...so they can notify later of their price....are you kidding ! what if we talk about a 100 of products ...!!

DIVA MALL - Be Your Self !
Emirados Árabes Unidos
7 minutes usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Prisync 15 de novembro de 2021

Hello there!
I am Burc, the CEO of Prisync.

Our team has been trying to contact you since the first minutes of your free trial to explain how our product works & how it further automates the step that you've stated in your review. - however, we have never received a reply via email or via the live WhatsApp support on your webshop.

From what I see in your review, there appears to be a misunderstanding or lack of understanding so I wanted to share a little more about Prisync with you so you can better assess it for your business.

Prisync currently serves 100s of merchants from more than 60 countries by automating their competitor product matching (the URL collection part you've explained can be automated, you don't have to collect 1000s of links from your competitors, we can do that for you), price tracking, and dynamic repricing processes.

We'd love to get back in touch with you to fully explain what we provide so that you can better review our functionality and see whether its full scope could be a good fit for your business.

Regardless of it, we wish you all the best of luck with growing your business.