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20 juillet 2023

I have been using the app for about a month and its going well! We have seen some sales from our campaigns and automation, which is great (means the emails are being seen and delivered, which was one of our concerns starting with a new app like this). So far, the only thing I would LOVE to see improved is the reporting and tracking functions. It is not easy to figure out which of your customers interacted or purchased. I also would like the ability to see the contacts in the segments, this seems like a big miss - I don't want to blast 70-900 people (or even 2) without having any idea who they are or if it was filtered correctly.

Brijjit Medical
2 mois d’utilisation de l’application
14 juillet 2023

We've been using Privy for about 9 months now, having switched from Mailchimp when we redesigned our website. The conversion displays and automations have been a game changer for us, bringing in more subscribers and revenues. The team are fantastic - shoutout to Vickee and Henry for being incredibly helpful! The only small negatives so far have been pricing (which of course is proportional to the size of your business and may be worth it) and a couple of smaller technical issues which the team are constantly improving. Overall, we would definitely recommend.

La Fromagerie
Environ un an d’utilisation de l’application
31 juillet 2023

Fantastic text marketing app. Using them as my main texting app in conjunction with my email marketing apps has seen tremendous success for my business. Their customer support was also great and they held my hand along the set up process and quickly answered any questions I had.

Clarks House Cleaning
Environ un mois d’utilisation de l’application
5 juillet 2023

Initially I wasn't satisfied with customer support. I started working with Kristina and she was very helpful. I'm not sure I totally understand how the app works and continue to say that for me, it's not very user friendly. Additionally, I haven't figured out if the app is worth the cost since I'm just starting my business.

KJT Collections
16 jours d’utilisation de l’application
25 février 2016

Not a bad little add on to the site, disable emails though they always seem to be sending something.

Hyper Fitness
Presque 8 ans d’utilisation de l’application
8 octobre 2016

Fantastic app - much better than the base popups my Shopify theme offers! :)

Plus de 7 ans d’utilisation de l’application
Modifié le 1 décembre 2018

Love Privy. I use privy to tell my customers that they can have free shipping, I just wish there was a free option to remove targeting mobile devices as it looks like a horrible experience for users. Check out to see what I mean. You can also find the best New Zealand made 100% merino clothing on sale including mens & womens base layer thermals & more.

Smart Merino
Presque 7 ans d’utilisation de l’application
22 septembre 2016

Using the app for a pop up on my site. I have had a lot of sign ups within the first month.

Presque 7 ans d’utilisation de l’application
16 septembre 2016

Really liked the GUI for creating my email signup form. I wish there was more options in placement of the tab because it interferes with another tab I set up in my Shopify site.

However, I love the MailChimp integration and this plug-in is a gamechanger for our marketing.

Presque 7 ans d’utilisation de l’application
23 novembre 2016

Wish there were more fonts offered but other than that a very smooth app with easy to use features

Trail Wrap Apparel
Presque 7 ans d’utilisation de l’application