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11 juli 2023

I've been using Privy for about 4 years now. I started using their pop-up displays to collect emails because they had the best customization options. I now run all my email campaigns and automations through Privy. They offered me a better price for an email marketing platform than MailChimp ever did for me and their customer service and customer success managers are absolutely fantastic. I've been working with Carley P. for a year and a half now and she has been the most friendly, reliable, consistent account manager I've ever worked with. She goes above and beyond offering ideas and feedback for my emails, providing resources, and getting me in touch with the right Privy people if I ever have an issue. She's helped me clean my email list, set up so many different automations and cart savers that have brought my online store revenue. I also appreciate how Privy is constantly improving their platform offering new tools, smart segments, automations, etc. that make my life as a small business owner much easier. This app has come a long way since I started using it and I would highly recommend it to any business in need of website pop ups and email marketing.

Luna Lifted
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13 april 2023

Looking to grow your business through email and SMS marketing? Look no further than Privy!

One of the biggest strengths of Privy is its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to create and manage effective email and SMS campaigns. With its intuitive design and functionality, creating beautiful and engaging campaigns has never been simpler.

But what really sets Privy apart is its exceptional support team. With a team of experts always available to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and provide guidance, you'll never feel alone in your marketing efforts.

The ability to send unlimited emails, which our plan offers, is arguably the most crucial feature of Privy. This is crucial when it comes to staying in front of your customers and building trust. With no send limits in place, businesses can incorporate targeted follow-up emails to their newsletter strategy, resending offers to contacts who haven't engaged with the initial send.

Privy is an incredibly powerful email and SMS marketing platform that offers businesses a range of unbeatable features to help them grow their sales and build strong relationships with their customers. With user-friendly design, exceptional support, and unlimited sending capabilities, Privy is a MUST-HAVE for any business looking to take their marketing to the next level.

Bdellium Tools
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10 mei 2023

As a Small Business Owner, I was thrilled to find Privy in 2021 to help take my business to the next level.

Before I found Privy, I was relying heavily on social media posts, Ads, and word of mouth to drive site traffic and purchases. While that worked for a bit, it only worked as long as the social media algorithms didn't change because every time it changed, I was spending all of my time and energy trying to figure out how to adapt my social media strategy which kept me away from focusing on growing my business.

Privy's platform helped me convert site visitors and social media followers into mailable and textable contacts, allowing me to get my content and products out to as many customers and potential customers as possible via email and SMS. This is where my business started to take off - I increased my sales attributed to email and SMS marketing by 300% since I implemented Privy!

Give Privy a try - they have competitive pricing, a great support team, it's easy to set up and use and they are adding new features to their platform regularly!

Cottontail Bow & Co.
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31 augustus 2023

About 1.5 years ago, we made the switch from Mailchimp to Privy and it was such an upgrade! We implemented their website signup pop-ups and saw a dramatic increase in our daily subscriber growth. We set up all of our email flows and automations through the platform and they preformed strongly compared to when they were set up in Mailchimp. Our weekly email campaigns also performed much better, getting higher open rates and increased revenue. The platform is very intuitive and easy to use, the customer service is unrivaled and their Customer Support Managers are always there for you to make sure your account is in excellent condition and to answer any questions you have along the way! I'm so glad we made the upgrade to Privy and look forward to continuing to grow with this platform! I highly recommend making the switch to Privy from whatever other email platform you're currently using, and request Henry to be your CSM when you're getting started, he's the best! You'll see the growth you've been searching for once you set your Privy account live!

Pink Dust Cosmetics
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11 april 2023

It started good but prices kept increasing. Like many other negative reviews have said - its mainly a pricing issue here.
I have about 20 apps in my Shopify store and this is the only one I have something negative to say about. The communication from privy is very poor about their price changes, limitations and caps etc. They talk ALOT about what they can do for your business and how proud they are to be one of the top marketing apps and bla bla but they dont actually specify information or give details on when things change. You just receive generic emails that dont include any straight forward information.
As my email subscribers grew my price increased from $30 to $90 in a short amount of time, which is way too much of a jump, so they stopped sending customers discount codes when they signed up, yet they still collected that $30 each month. They never even told me that my coupon codes would stop sending either, I had to find out from a customer who had signed up and she received an email with a blank discount code?? They are so sneaky its insane!!
If you dont agree to the new pricing they also put limitation on your account and what you can do in the app, you cant even access anything unless you press agree basically. I ever only used privy to collect emails and send out coupon codes + abandoned cart emails. Just those 2 simple emails, not everyone wants or need to use privy to set up 10 different kinds of email annotations, they should not charge you depending on how many subscribes you have alone, they should offer more price plans/tiers depending on your business needs instead.
But they seem to care more about money than customers needs. A very miss-leading way of doing business. Maybe this works for lager companies that doesn't care about a $60 increase but for a small business like me in a time like this, its truly not a fair or reasonable increase. There are many other apps out there that can do exactly what privy offers but for less or even some free. I would highly suggest trying other apps or else you will be paying minimum $90 before you know it.

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9 juni 2023

We switch back to Privy last year after finding Klaviyo wasn't the best fit for us. Since switching we have been nothing short of impressed. Our team when doing email marketing before, we found that there wasn't really any traction through it and more unsubscribes compared to people subscribing. Since using Privy, our traction isn't slowing down, we are continuously making sales from each campaign, we have more subscribers than unsubscribes, and the Spin to Win is a huge tool for us. Excited to see Privy continue to grow.

Gilbert Rugby Canada
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23 augustus 2023

Have been using privy for quite some time now and im very happy with the services. Have also had some 1on1 help from Hakim, which has been great. He has really helped me with my email automations and campaigns a lot. Overall would recommend to anyone looking for a good app that covers all emails for business's

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7 augustus 2023

absolutely satisfied with the customer service. Shout out to Emily Milla - the one who has helped me, Emily reply me, clear out my concerns, give me clear answer in a acceptable amount of time (pretty fast tbh). The app is also really easy to use, just mess around with the email and the coupon code, you will find understand the app in like a morning, but if you don't want to figure out yourself, just an email and they will help you. The free plan they have allow you to test out, mess around, get used to the app, therefore it's free plan i think is beginner friendly. I recommend it!

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3 februari 2023

Today I spent 4 1/2 hours with Joe figuring out a way to address our unique needs in a way that also created a great experience for our customers. Joe was nothing short of outstanding in his efforts to find solutions and implement those solutions. Rather than telling me what we needed and then sending me a link to a help page to figure it out myself, Joe rolled up his sleeves and we created it together, and then tested it together. He was patient with me as I navigated thru the set up and testing stage before going live. I've worked with other Privy support people, who are all very pleasant, but none of them stuck with me the way Joe did to see everything through. Top drawer!
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27 oktober 2022

I have been using Privy for years now. I can't recommend them highly enough. Their customer service is fast, excellent, patient and thorough. It has made the difference in my learning how to do all of this important marketing for my business. I have only had great experiences with them these past 4 years. They are there when you need them if you make a mistake, fast! They save the day!

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