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25 de abril de 2022

Beware - you will get ripped off! Signed up for a $15 per month plan because I only needed popups. Several months later, I see a $60 charge on my account. I contacted support to ask them about this, and they said they had sent an email out (which I never received) which said that their pricing tiers were changing based on the amount of customer emails. Very underhanded and shady if you ask me, and I'm sure this happened to a lot of people. I've canceled my account and will never deal with them again.

David Hicken
Estados Unidos
9 months usando a aplicação
12 de novembro de 2021

We used this app for our popup marketing for 2+ years and it worked great. When we decided to leverage their email marketing services, that is when things went south. We have spent the last 2 1/2 years working hard to cultivate a customer email list from a variety of sources including our brick-and-mortar store. When we submitted our email list to Privy for upload, we were contacted by their compliance team. My interaction with the Privy compliance team was highly disrespectful. The implicit tone was that our organization might have collected our email list nefariously and stated they were more worried about maintaining their reputation than working with us. The overzealousness of their compliance team was highly off-putting. They denied our request to add our emails to the marketing distribution list. As a business owner, I get to choose who our brand gets to work with, and we do not want to work with an organization where the first interaction was so negative and implicit of wrong doing. Making a customer feel like they are doing something wrong is highly disrespectful. We were excited about using Privy's service for our growing brand, but will go elsewhere based on how we were made to feel.

Pac Nor Westy
Estados Unidos
Almost 3 years usando a aplicação
16 de novembro de 2021

They never answer your requests. Very bad customer support. Plus they charged money for nothing. Avoid.

Estados Unidos
Almost 3 years usando a aplicação
28 de outubro de 2021

I would rather give them 0 stars if I could. Their support team is not helping at all! It won't allow me to cancel the plan unless contact them,and I did, they do not even reply my email for 2 days!!!! Please do not use them. Worst experience ever!!!!

Hong Kong, RAE da China
Over 2 years usando a aplicação
28 de novembro de 2021

Recently Privy isn't working properly. Emails have been bouncing back tremendously and we reported this, and took them more than 3-4 days to fix the issue. Now the newsletter section does not even load. It also shows that our previous templates are GONE. I pay $200 monthly and they did refund the amount, but this is getting annoying especially during these busy times of the year. We will be looking into other service provider and abandon privy with no regret asap. Stay away.

Modern Herbs
Estados Unidos
Almost 2 years usando a aplicação
16 de novembro de 2021

It has been almost a month where people who unsubscribe are unable to and since has caused spam reports. Now they froze my account for a problem they can't fix. An email app that you can't unsubscribe from - this is infuriating. Please fix this - it is the busiest time of year and your app is not working.

Sniper Skin Sports
Over 1 year usando a aplicação
16 de dezembro de 2021

Absolute crazy been using the app since Feb 2021 and sending over 20k emails per day , 3 days ago they FORCED me to sign a 3 month contract , the very next day my account is blocked because it has not conformed to regulations .YOU BUILT MY DATABASE FROM SUBSCRIBERS !!!! HOW CAN I NOW BE AT FAULT , THIS IS JUST AS GOOD AS STEALING MY MONEY I WILL ISSUE A STOP PAY AT PAYPAL !!!

África do Sul
11 months usando a aplicação
28 de julho de 2021

The apps email integrations have leak emails - it keeps sending an email out from months ago, but only to a few people at a time. Customer service was unresponsive when we reached out for help. In addition, the pop-up timers are off and not holding saved changes.
Almost 3 years usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Privy Operations 30 de julho de 2021

Hey there - thank you for sharing this feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience and we're committed to turning this experience around for you. Our team has reached out to offer 1:1 support to help you resolve these issues and get back to growing your sales with Privy.

13 de maio de 2021

No more free plan. Faulse ad! Too expensive plans for small businesses! No more free plan. Faulse ad! Too expensive plans for small businesses!

Estados Unidos
Over 4 years usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Privy Operations 18 de maio de 2021

Thank you for sharing this feedback. We do want to clarify that there is still a Free Plan with Privy. Merchants can sign up for a free 15-day trial which gives you access to collect and send emails with no limitations on traffic or contacts. After your trial is over, you can continue growing on our Free Plan for up to 100 mailable contacts. When/if you are ready to upgrade to a paid plan, you can get started at $15/month and get unlimited access to Privy Email + Conversion. If you send us an email at, we're here to help you find a solution that will work for your business.

Editado a 22 de junho de 2021

I used this app for years and it was great. Then suddenly they changed their pricing and everything stopped working. They wanted me to pay for email and sms marketing but their platform doesn't do nearly what other marketing messaging platforms do. I would not recommend them to anyone. Plenty of other apps out there

Sopris Health & Wellness
Estados Unidos
Over 3 years usando a aplicação