Probability Pricing

Probability Pricing

da Skinnyprice Inc.

Dynamic pricing that leverages game mechanics and big data

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Reveal the Perfect Price Point

Your customers are different. The amount they are willing to pay for each product is different. Unlock each customer's unique price point.

Collect & Capture More Emails

Game mechanics incentivize interaction with the algorithm, resulting in email capture increases of over 45%.

Increase Urgency to Purchase

Engagement with your products will increase by up to 300X. Time spent playing increases sense of loss aversion and improves conversions.

Su Probability Pricing

“What Priceline did for the travel industry, Probability Pricing is doing for the e-commerce industry – completely reinventing pricing.”

  • Scott Case, Co-Founder, Priceline

What is Probability Pricing?

Probability Pricing began with a simple idea. What if stores could charge different prices to different customers based on what they were willing to pay?

For those customers willing to pay more, the store would make a little more margin. If a customer wanted to pay less, the abiding store would be less likely to end up with an abandoned cart.

Time is Money

Probability Pricing uses a customer's own time playing the game to identify his or her unique optimum price point -- the highest possible price they will pay for your product. In essence, we give you a crystal ball into each customer's price sensitivities and allow you to charge different prices to different people.

  • With Probability Pricing, you can provide deeper discounts to customers who are more price sensitive, thereby decreasing abandonment and improving conversions.
  • At the same time, you can provide lower discounts to customers who are not as price sensitive, which increases your margins.

A Game Changer for E-commerce Stores

Game mechanics makes Probability Pricing highly addictive and fun. After 5 plays, your customers are prompted to provide their email. In addition to boosting margins and conversions, you now have an amazing lead generation tool that collects emails in an exciting new way.

How does it work?

  • Kate finds the item she wants in your store, but decides the price is too high…
  • Instead leaving to purchase it elsewhere, she sees a little button called “Get Discount.”
  • After proving she’s not a bot, a window pops up with a slot machine. She clicks it, receives a variable discount, but thinks it’s too low.
  • She plays again.
  • After 5 plays, she’s asked for her email address, which she provides in order to keep playing.
  • After 10 minutes, Kate gets the discount she wants and makes the purchase!
  • Now Mary comes along. She is very price sensitive and plays for 30 minutes before making a purchase. Her discount is higher than Kate's because she played longer.
  • Finally, Jennifer, who is not price sensitive, rolls in on her diamond encrusted iPhone, doesn’t play at all, and pays full price.
  • Kate, Mary, & Jennifer all have different price sensitivities, all were offered different prices, and all were converted at the optimal price point. Boom!

We're here to help

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Basic Plan


  • Create a single campaign for the whole store
  • View campaign results through basic report

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  • Set campaign's difficulty level
  • Email Capture

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  • Unlimited quantity of campaigns
  • Geolocate campaigns
  • Unlimited plays per day
  • Advanced customer support

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Farm To Pill

At first I wasn't sure if Probability Pricing would be something my customers would try but after putting it on my site,, it has been getting a ton of use. I thought customers might play a few times but never guessed they would play for hours to get a discount or come back day after day to play but I have been really surprised at the engagement. The admin panel has a bunch of reports but the "History of Plays" is really key because I can see each customer's engagement. It allows me to see each individual customer's journey of all their plays until they finally decide to buy. It is really interesting to see how different customers behave. Some play only a few time and get a low discount but still buy while others will play for hours and hours until they finally hit a higher discount and then finally buy. My conversion rate (purchases) has definitely gone up compared to last month and I'm guessing that is because I am able to offer a wider range of discounts to customers and thus capture customers I would not have been able to get before with a fixed discount like 20% off. The real gem is that Probability Pricing "Get Discount" game let's customers try the game for 5 spins and then it asks them for their email to get another 500 spins. I have been capturing so many more emails and my automated email marketing campaign was already pretty good at getting customers back to my site but now I now I have so many more emails this is the other reason why my revenue has gone way up. I had an issue trying to add the "Get Discount" button to the product page but I emailed the Probability Pricing team and they walked me through how to do it for free. Very response and super nice. I don't usually leave reviews but this app has really had an impact for my company and I wanted to share my experience with other Shopify store owners.