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5 giugno 2024

Very intuitive & easy to set up the accessories. Support is very helpful & the couple of small issues I've had over the years have been resolved quickly without hassle.

The Original Shockloc
Oltre 3 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 1 maggio 2024

Excellent app, excellent service, the team are always super helpful and responsive. highly recommend.

Prime Coffee Suppliers
Regno Unito
3 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
W3trends ha risposto 1 maggio 2024

Thank you for providing your feedback. I'd like to clarify that the development services you invested in were specifically tailored to integrate a custom layout and advanced functionality into your theme and are not related to the app or the app functionality.

However, approximately six weeks following the completion of our work, it came to our attention that subsequent alterations were made to your theme by another developer, resulting in the complete removal of the programming implemented by our team.

While we stand by the quality of our work and remain committed to supporting it, it's important to note that we cannot be held accountable for modifications made by external parties after the fact, which may inadvertently disrupt or remove the enhancements we've implemented.

With that being said, we still went back into your theme and fixed what was removed and broken by your other developer without any additional charges.

4 marzo 2024

Works as it should, good price and quick and friendly customer service

Wise Line Tools
4 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
10 dicembre 2015

This app makes it so easy to add accessories to projects. We really needed something like this for our site. Customer support is excellent!

Stati Uniti
Oltre 7 anni di utilizzo dell’app
6 aprile 2017

Fantastic app. Our customers are now able to choose the add-ons to their product before making the purchase - saving time and emails back and forth with customers. Well worth the small monthly fee!

Ramp Champ
Oltre 7 anni di utilizzo dell’app
23 dicembre 2016

Really nice app! Easy to use! Quick response if you have any questions. Thanks for developing!

Flippin Ribbon
Stati Uniti
Circa 7 anni di utilizzo dell’app
11 ottobre 2016

So far the app has been working perfectly, I wish the accessories would look a bit more uniform to my page when adding them to a product though

Futuristic Lights
Stati Uniti
Oltre 6 anni di utilizzo dell’app
26 luglio 2018

Great app for our store, extremely easy to use.

Quality Golf Cart Covers
Stati Uniti
Oltre 6 anni di utilizzo dell’app
14 novembre 2016

Working really good. Easy for the clients

Bestia Dog Gear
Circa 6 anni di utilizzo dell’app
25 febbraio 2022

We had a couple of issues with the accessories app which I think were due to our theme upgrade. When I explained the issues to tech support the responses were great and exactly what we needed to fix the problems, no back and forth just great collaboration. Jason from your team was really responsive and very helpful. This is something that's not common but very welcome!

ALZO Digital
Stati Uniti
Circa 6 anni di utilizzo dell’app