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6 novembre 2015

Great app + great follow up service.

I had a JS issue with my add to cart button. It was fixed promptly.

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29 giugno 2015

This is a fantastic app! We're thrilled to be able to get beta pricing and love everything about it so far - and it looks like even more features will be coming down the pike. It's easy to install, picks up your store's style if you don't know any coding, is easy to customize-style if you do know coding, and works fabulously at its intended service of accessory-adding on the product page. Setting up which accessories go with which products is very easy and the dashboard is well-organized. Overall this app does exactly what we needed at a great price - highly recommended!

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9 settembre 2019

Use this app on our store. Works as advertised. But more importantly, their support is top notch. We had a bug with this app and another one that we could not figure out. A quick message to their support team, and boom its fixed!

Definitely recommend for anyone looking for an easy to use accessories app with fantastic support.

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13 giugno 2018

Awesome app and even better service!

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Data modifica: 4 giugno 2020

I used this app for more than a year. It is good at first and does what it advertises but not that user friendly due to the lack of import via spreadsheet. However, recently they added this ability and after using it, I'm confident to recommend this app to anyone that is looking to add multiple accessories to all the products on their site.

All Tire Supply Llc
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6 maggio 2021

Set up of the app is simple and is feature rich to accomodate modern ecommerce requirements. Support from the developers is quick and the overall experience was very good

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Data modifica: 5 maggio 2021

We use this app on our stores to add accessories to our packages products all the time, and their customer service has been great to work with. This app is great for quickly adding product accessories to your shopify products. Definitely would recommend! :)

PRx Performance
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Data modifica: 11 maggio 2023

Fast response time, superior customer service, and near-infinite patience sussing out technical issues. We are very happy with W3 and the service and support they provide.

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24 gennaio 2018

There is quite a few apps that come to the top of the search when looking for a method to Upsell. The issue is, they all do it in the same way, a pop up. In my opinion this is a bit agressive and could even result in a lost conversion.

What I was looking for was something subtle, an optional upsell built into the theme which would allow a customer to add an additional item if they required it. This app does just that.

If you are looking for an upsell app that is simple yet efficient and meticulously thought out and designed then the W3 Product Accessories app is the way to go.

I cannot praise the app enough for delivering such an easy to use and effective solution for a common requirement of shopify stores.

The support team are also amazing, if you have any issues drop them a message and they will work with you to resolve them and get things up and running asap.

Thanks again guys, really happy with this addition to my store.

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6 settembre 2016

Great app. Easy to use and very effective. It's perfect for adding items like refills to the products page to make sure customers can easily see and purchase them along with the product.

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