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  • 評価の61%は5つ星です
  • 評価の4%は4つ星です
  • 評価の7%は3つ星です
  • 評価の4%は2つ星です
  • 評価の25%は1つ星です

Customer support leaves a lot to be desired.
I wanted to use the "save amount' label(it shows up as "Save $X") but didn't like the look of the badge so I replaced it with a different image and added additional text and the keyword ##SAVE_PERCENTAGE## to read as "10% off. You save $5". However it wasn't showing up on my website so I contacted customer support. They responded quick enough and asked me to grant them staff access which I did. I didn't hear back from them so I checked my website and the new badge was working on my site. But the problem was it said "10%. $5" which makes no sense so I messaged support about it. Their response was


We have already created a video attached named "Product Badge including adding new badge" for you. Please watch it because after watching it meticulously all our customers can use our app without asking us anymore questions."

Aside from the condescending tone of the message, the video they told me to watch meticulously did not contain any solution pertaining to my problem with their app. Also, now the badge doesn't even show at all. Needless to say, I emailed them about it and I'm yet to hear from them.


Not sure why, but this app crashed my website yesterday. I am happy I noticed it. I would assume that App Creators domain or website crashed and because they are charging money for this app they have direct link between the app on your website and their domain. I was unable to access my website, nor I was able to access the App control panel on my Shopify Admin. Nor I was able to Reinstall the app. The outcome was that I was forced to delete the app to get back my Website online. After I deleted the app I clicked refresh on my (website link that never loaded my website) and the website loaded up within a second. Its a nice app due to it being so customizable, but after it crashed my website I have no trust in this app and suggest you to be careful with it. They really need to look into this and fix it. Before they do that I will Highly recommend to not use it. And Delete the app if you are using as it my cause you loose customer trust due to your website crashing because of the app.

I am staying away from this app. Not sure if they fixed the issue or its still there, but I will not risk my website just because of badges.


Stay away from this app. It causes a terrible lag on your site. I took this app off after speaking to Shopify Help and instantly my site's slow speed loading was fixed. This app will slow your site down drastically and cause people to not want to buy on it.

Tristan's Trove

This app is terrible. The banners overlap product titles or the product image, regardless of what setting you change, it's unclear how to change settings like the text size and positioning.


I just downloaded this app. I was trying to figure it out and make it work. Its complicated. How the app should ideally work? I just want to select a badge - product and click done (save). This app is all but that. I don't have time sit here and getting headache. I'm uninstalling after this...Like someone else in reviews said.It shouldn't be a rocket science


Most awful app ever nothing change doesnt work with safari pay more stress and time free. its very complicated, i did not enjoy at all just keep shutting

My Funky Bags

It didn’t do what I wanted so I uninstalled. The email the company sent me after requires me to edit the code to uninstall completely. What a joke! Don’t waste your time with this, the concept that an app makes you edit your own code for uninstalling says enough

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