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WARNING!! Don't put this application on your shop. Since I used this, my store is not working properly. It affect our full website. You won't have sales anymore. Never ever put this on your store.

Nailstation Paris
Revy Appsが返信しました 2024年5月21日

We contacted Shopify regarding this review because it seems fake or incorrectly attributed to our app. Our app impacts only specific areas of the store and includes multiple safety features to prevent any sales disruption in the rare event of a failure. We have never received a support request from this merchant. After seeing this review, we tried to reach out to discuss and resolve any possible issues, but we received no response despite several attempts.

We believe this review was posted in bad faith. The issue described is serious but false; our app does not cause such problems. Unfortunately, Shopify does not remove suspicious reviews, so we must deal with this unjust stain on our reputation, even though our customer support is well-regarded.

- Revy CEO


waste of money




The app is not working at all!!!! Tried re-installing still not working............................................

Palak Notes
Revy Appsが返信しました 2021年5月14日

Hey! During the night we had instability in our server due to a peak in the number of requests, this caused numerous problems with the app.
This is not common and we already took every measure to make sure this won't happen again, we upgraded our servers and DB to avoid any issue or delay next time this situation happens, now our app is blazing fast again.
I ask you to please try the app again and see by yourself that it is fixed, our app is very stable but this rare event happened this night and caused this problem, we worked hard to fix the problem and I've sure it won't happen again.

My apologies for what happened.

- Marcelo, Revy CEO


Awful customer service - I had a question while installing and a chat window appeared so I asked Steve. He said he would look in to my question, then nothing. I reminded him again, and again, and he was just reading my messages and not replying. I could see the chat when he read it changed to 'seen'

Absolute waste of 30 minutes.

Aspire Wear
Revy Appsが返信しました 2019年10月3日


When this review was written we were training new members of the support team that really weren't good at first. Now we have a well-trained support team, I hope you can test the app again and see by yourself. Revy CEO.


Sorry about this, when you asked for customer service we had just started with Steve, he was a little confuse and had not yet confidence to answer without ask me first. Because of that, he took some time to answer, sorry about that, we had answered you later. Since then we had improved our support to this not happen again. Thanks and let us know if you need anything else in the future.


Well so far this app is crap and so is the support. I was excited by the free bundle and good reviews, so I installed it. Created my first bundle and unfortunately the app seems to have installed some very weird code into my theme because I now have an ugly revy bundle gobbledegoop on every product page that is in the bundle. I cannot launch my new collection with this revy rubbish code. I have spent the last 24 hours trying to get some support with a small email reply that was of no use at all. I'll keep trying support and fingers crossed someone can actually help. None of my other app developers take this long to help out. Pretty disappointed so far.

Revy Appsが返信しました 2023年6月27日

Hey! I'm sorry about the problems, but to clarify, the only place our app adds code is a specific file created by us (remove it and you are fine), we don't add lines of code in other theme files(which generally mess up the theme), we always tried to do things as clean as possible and this problem you reported is really rare.
We are always improving our support, by the time you reported this problem we had a new support member that was not very skilled, and we are sorry about that..we are proud of our support however, on weekdays 95% of our tickets are solved in less than 24h.
I'm sorry about your experience, that's not a normal experience..I hope you had solved your issue, if not please let us know and I will personally check what is happening, despite being a rare support problem it is not considerably acceptable by us and we took action when this happened.
- Revy CEO


I just left another review that says so far I like the product. Every time I create a bundle, however, I am prompted to review the product. Can you get rid of that behavior?

Soccer Views

Update June 24:

Unfortunately, I have to update my review. After having run into more issues with the app I had to uninstall the app and switch over to "Bundle Products from Thimatic"
I've worked with support a lot, I had several issues over the time and I am not going to list them all, but the last issue (the proverbial straw that broke the camels back) was that the total displayed on the bundle page was wrong. Item 1=$10, Item 2=$10 and Item 3=$20 -10% discount Total=$36, but the bundle app displayed $60 or any other random number. (if you read my original review the "discounts and totals are not being displayed correctly is a reoccurring theme)
Now, support is responsive, but every time they fixed one thing another thing broke...

I tested a couple of different bundle apps and I found this one to be the best of the bunch.

Before I go into writing about the product I want to give 5 stars to support. I had a couple of minor issues, totals not being calculated correctly and residual totals being displayed leading to confusion.
One issue was caused by leftover code from a previous bundle app I had installed and support went out of his way to clean up the mess caused by another application.
Within an hour of me contacting support, they resolved all my problems, including one that wasn't even caused by their app.
That alone makes me feel comfortable to continue to use their app moving forward.

The good:
You can bundle in any conceivable way and make it that more attractive for your customers. You can change the font, color and placement of totals, discounts, buttons and all other elements to fit your style.
The app allows you to schedule bundles and discounts. And best of all (IMHO) it gives you code snippets that you can embed wherever you want.
Overall flexibility given to you by the app 4 stars...

Room for improvement:
1. More control over the text, message and layout in the cart. That is somewhat limited.
2. The ability to configure a buy x get y free or BOGO discount. That's a major feature deficiency IMO hence the 4 stars...

Revy Appsが返信しました 2019年6月26日

Hello! We really sorry by the bug you have found in the app, but at the same time thank you for report this to us, I know we took some time to fix but today we have fixed the total issue, definitively.
I do invite you to try the app again and see if works and maybe even re-think the review ;).
Sorry again about the delay to fix it, we were working on that, we just were not able to fix before.


THIS APP IS COMPROMISED. The app was hacked and a discount code for 100% off all my products was generated and then linked to a discount community. Now Im cancelling 1200+ fake orders!

Revy Appsが返信しました 2021年6月7日


The merchant provided the coupon code that caused the issue and we come to the conclusion that the discount code that caused this issue was NOT generated by our app. Our coupons are unique and have a standard that allows us to identify if the coupon is generated by our app or not, in this case, nothing indicates that the coupon was generated by our app.

We are in contact with the merchant to try to change this review since the issue was not related to our app.

- Revy Team


Hey! Can you please contact our support at support@revy.io and send us the coupon code for this discount? We would like to investigate this to make sure our app is responsible because we never have such a case before, and the way we generate discounts should limit this behavior, this should not happen.

We are waiting on you to know the discount code of this coupon and investigate.

- Revy Team


Awesome app when it works! But it's really 50/50. Some of my customers somehow still decided to purchase even when the discount code generated by this app doesn't even work!!

How frustrating! I am losing too many customers due to your inconsistent discount bugs!

Your app generates the code, applies the code, but the actual discount isn't applied with the discount code. Now, mind you - this happens to only half of orders made and abandoned checkouts. I can't find where the fault lies. It's not specific to a certain demographic, or device, iOS or even payment method. It's just the apps inconsistency.

Don't get me wrong, it's a beautifully designed app that works well with any stores theme! UX is awesome! But horrible backend coding.

You've assured me it was a bug that was fixed 2 weeks ago, and sure there hasn't been as many inconsistencies, but it's still happening.

Simply, Breath-Giving
Revy Appsが返信しました 2020年6月5日


Since this review was written we have done several improvements to make the app load faster, we did have this type of issue before, but now this type of issue DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE, I hope you can test the app again and see by yourself that is fixed. Revy CEO.

Hey! Really sorry about your experience. What could happen is that some times the store would take some seconds to load but customer have clicked on the checkout button before app loads, this could cause the discount not to apply, if combine this with slow connection from the user side had more chances. Since your issue we have made several improvements on this issue, like load the app as soon as possible not waiting for the full page load first, and also several code improvements to give priority to checkout button when loading the app on cart page, before anything else we try to make the discount work. With this and other improvements, we have not received this kind of complaint for a long time(months) since you mentioned. I really hope you can try the app again so you can give again your feedback about this, and see with your eyes the result of the work we did on this. Thank you for try the app and please consider trying again in the future, you gonna found the app internal back-end as you mentioned a lot better than before. Sincerely, Revy CEO.