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26 december 2023

i really like how easy it is to use and how much time I've

Original Glama
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24 januari 2024

I'm thoroughly enjoying this app. Its remarkable ease of use allows me to effortlessly update descriptions with just a single click, and the best part is the ability to restore changes if needed. This functionality has saved me a significant amount of time, enabling me to allocate more time to enhance my store and be more productive. The app's user-friendly interface and time-saving features have proven invaluable, making it an essential tool for efficiently managing and optimizing my store's content.

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14 minuten gebruiken de app
8 januari 2024

This is a very smart and charismatic app that saves a lot of time writing product descriptions. I'm thoroughly impressed! 10/10 recommend.

Eazy Picks
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4 dagen gebruiken de app
5 januari 2024

This app is great, im starting and it is really helping

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14 dagen gebruiken de app
27 november 2023

An excellent app, it's saved me a lot of time, money and pain. The descriptions are also well written and not repetitive. I'd recommend it to anyone!

The Toyboxx
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1 december 2023

That is a great and powerful description Generator, hope my SEO ranking is much better now, thank you for your free app !!!

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8 december 2023

AI Chat GPT saves 99% of your time writing almost perfect descriptions. I use it daily for more than just descriptions.

Cascade Shadows Premium Products
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21 dagen gebruiken de app
4 februari 2024

Fantastic app. It's easy to install and creates awesome descriptions of a decent length for SEO. It also provides several different tonal options for the text output.

Mystikal Curiosities
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37 minuten gebruiken de app
6 december 2023

So far I love it. This app is gonna work great with my store
and it's just what I needed.

Whitetiger etc
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12 dagen gebruiken de app
2 januari 2024

This is the most helpful app. Saves me so much time

Olivia Stylz
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6 dagen gebruiken de app