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Data modifica: 14 ottobre 2019

Great customer service - so helpful and very serviceminded too.
But the app doesn't work on the new modernised sectioned themes by Shopify like Minimal theme.

On The Rugs
Oltre 4 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 11 settembre 2017

complicated to use, not easy to make the tabs for 20+ different products because they get all mixed up in the app.You have to select multiple buttons just to get something to the description,i had to delete. It says to click static I keep clicking static tabs nothing comes up if you use too many tabs they get overlapped etc. shopify needs better apps.

Male Enhancement/Sports Nutrition/Weight Loss

Musclephenom Sports
Stati Uniti
10 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 23 gennaio 2017

I have had multiple issues with this app personally. Some were glitches & others were "operator error." The one thing I can say without a doubt, however, is that Den provides top notch support. And you won't have to wait long for it either.

The jury's still out as to whether I'll keep this app long term or not. But for now, it's working. And I'm beyond happy with the support!

Sizzle Cone Designs
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8 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 8 aprile 2021

App does not remove all code after uninstall. Can cause problems with other apps later on. Make sure to restore theme files after uninstall.

Unik Artwork
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3 minuti di utilizzo dell’app
NexusMedia OÜ ha risposto 9 aprile 2021


Thank you for your feedback and we truly apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately at the moment that's not possible for 3rd party apps to remove its code from the theme when you remove the app. The way our app works makes your product description appear exactly like it was before on the storefront once you remove the app. But yes, if you have not disable the app before removal, technically product description text will be wrapped into our app's snippet in your theme code.

We have an instruction how to revert it back in our FAQ here:

And also our support team will be happy to do that for you ASAP. As far as I know they already contacted you and explained that situation.

EasyTabs team

Data modifica: 13 luglio 2019

Nice app. Very simple. I did have a problem with the way it worked with my theme. Basically it changed all the photos and messed with the layout. They were very responsive, but I did end up going to another app. I think they will work thru the bugs and make it better. Thanks Easy

Stati Uniti
5 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
1 aprile 2019

Integration with reviews is bad. Also if I wanted the description to not be in a tab, I had to do custom css to correct the borders. Otherwise, the app has great customization and works fine.

Esprezzo King
Circa 14 ore di utilizzo dell’app
NexusMedia OÜ ha risposto 4 aprile 2019

Hi there! We're really sorry you had that issues with our app, but integration with is actually working properly. If you miss some features, just let us know and we'll do our best to improve the integration.

As for description out of the tabs, you may do that easily disabling "Wrap text before the first heading tag into the tab" option on the app main page. No CSS fixes required.

If you'd like us to configure the app on your Store and make sure everything is working properly, just contact us by email and our support team will be happy to assist!

25 maggio 2018

The reason I gave them 3 stars is that I cant select a product for a specific tab, I can just select a category, it is really bad. other than that the app is good.

44 minuti di utilizzo dell’app