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We recently started using the "Product Expiry Toolkit" to help us keep track of the expiry dates of our products, and we must say, it has been a game-changer for our business. This app not only simplifies managing multiple expiry dates but also offers a range of features that have made our lives as business owners much easier.

One of the standout features of the Product Expiry Toolkit is the email notification system. We no longer have to worry about manually checking the expiry dates of our products. The app sends us timely email notifications whenever a product is about to expire, ensuring that we can take action in advance. This has been a lifesaver in preventing waste and ensuring that our customers receive only the freshest products.

What sets the Product Expiry Toolkit apart is its ability to handle multiple expiry dates for each product and its variants. This feature alone has saved us an incredible amount of time. The app automatically updates our inventory based on expiry dates, so we no longer have to manually adjust stock levels. This automation has not only reduced the risk of selling expired products but has also improved our overall inventory management efficiency.

The discounting feature is another fantastic addition to the app. It allows us to promote products that are nearing their expiry dates effortlessly. This not only helps us reduce product wastage but also boosts sales by incentivizing customers to purchase these items before they expire. The app's intuitive interface makes it incredibly simple to set up these discounts, even for someone like us with limited technical expertise.

A recent update to the Product Expiry Toolkit has introduced the display of expiry dates on the storefront. This is a valuable addition as it provides transparency to our customers, allowing them to make informed purchasing decisions. It demonstrates a commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction, which is a big plus for our business.

In conclusion, the Product Expiry Toolkit has become an indispensable tool in our business operations. It streamlines the management of expiry dates, improves inventory control, and enhances the customer experience. The email notifications, multiple expiry date handling, and discounting features are invaluable for any business dealing with perishable products. We highly recommend the Product Expiry Toolkit to any business owner looking to save time, reduce waste, and boost sales while ensuring the quality of their products. It's a five-star app that we can't imagine running our business without.

Alertableが返信しました 2023年9月12日

Thank you so much for your thorough and thoughtful 5-star review! We're thrilled to hear that you've had such a positive experience with our app, especially storefront expiry display, discounting and tagging features. Your feedback helps us continue to improve and serve our users better. If you ever have more insights or suggestions in the future, please don’t hesitate to share.

Thanks again for your support and trust in product expiry toolkit.


Excellent, powerful app with great features and an extremely helpful support team! Works better than another product expiration app I tried.

Alertableが返信しました 2023年8月19日

thank you so much for the 5-star review! It really means a lot to us. We're thrilled you're enjoying our app. Thanks for choosing us! - Ken


The app looks like very interesting but the customer service isn't very helpful. I'm actually using another expiration date app and I want to import the expiration dates that are in another csv format. I'm not an excel expert and they don't help me to do it so I can't test the app in my shop. I use a lot of app in my shop and is the first time I can't install an app because the customer service doesn't help to so the change from a competitor app. Not a good service

Alertableが返信しました 2023年4月16日

I'm sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with our app. I would like to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have faced and assure you that your concerns are our top priority.

We did replied to your questions 4 days ago (on 12th April) about the import issue you mentioned. Not sure you have received our response. (response email has already been sent to you again). In rare case, emails may sit in your spam inbox, so pls do have a check there too.

Our support team is working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day from 8AM-8PM.


This product is great, does exactly what I need it to do. I use Shopify for a ticketing service and this product has solved many of my problems. Would highly recommend.

Play Wave

This app fits our needs perfectly. We needed variations to expire on separate dates and this does it. They also updated the app UI to make it easier to select dates and times, that helped a lot.

Thank you.


This is a very handy app. We have a large inventory and this app helps us staying updated. It has handy new store front features as well.

Manuka Honey of NZ
Alertableが返信しました 2022年11月14日

Thanks for your awesome review! Our team is so happy that we are helpful for you business. We will keep hard working and delivering more values.


This is a great product and it does exactly what it says it will do. It makes it really easy to monitor products that are about to expire. I needed a new feature that allowed me to download a csv file that contained the upcoming expiry date for each of my product/subscription records. The developers understood the value of my request and implemented the feature in less than 2 weeks. I am very impressed.

Aviators Aircraft Sales

Great I love it the recording of times etc is a bit wierd, but it serves it purpose to warn you of expiring products perfectly!!!

Meifan Australia
Alertableが返信しました 2022年11月21日

Thank you so much for your wonderful review. So glad to hear that our app is helpful to your business. Hope you have a great day!


Amazing Thanks. The customer service is very good and constantly updating their app. Thanks Ken. Cheers


This APP is a "must have" for any shop with products that have expiry dates!! Really useful! I am really glad I was able to find it because I was starting to worry about having an online grocery shop.

Great job!! :)

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