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The Build Your Own Bundle feature was extremely buggy for us. Even after walking through it with an agent (who was very nice), we still couldn't get it working. The style customization options are limited (too limited for our needs). We didn't try any of the other features.

Art of Play
PickyStoryが返信しました 2023年1月21日

Thank you for the review. Our team tried to work with you on creating a bundle builder experience on your website but we never had a chance to get to the customization part or to test the usability. We would be happy to work with you on setting up the deal.

We reached out to you directly to continue the setup.

PickyStory team


Huge bug on their own features regards pricing a bundle fixed during checkout. In the cart is shows the sum of products, and not the bundle price which is confusing for users. Highlighted this issue, got a reply that their developers are in Ukraine.. A day later, got feedback from a developer, that there was no issue. Shared print screens then he added random text during the checkout process of a user, which was completely not asked for. Highlighted the issue again, to please remove this. Then they directed me to their UI to inactivate a piece of text, which was never asked for. Sorry, but this is not how you treat your users who are helping you to solve a important bug.

PickyStoryが返信しました 2022年6月16日

Hey Sinem,

Anna here from PickyStory's support.

We checked your conversation and it looks like there was a misunderstanding. On Shopify, apps can't edit the prices of line items in the cart, discounts are only applied at checkout. That's why you see the original sum price in the cart and the discounted price at checkout. In order to help our customers know the bundle savings, we are offering to add a text snippet in the cart, that shows the discounted price near the checkout button. That's what our team member tried to help you with but probably didn't clarify this feature's goal.

I've reached out to you to resolve this issue and looking forward to hearing back from you.

Head of Support, PickyStory


The app is great in terms of integrating perfecty onto the website and it lets you create a lot of different specific bundles. BUT I had a lot of issues to reach the final result (and I still have):
1) Many times the app "failed" in recognizing products, not loading images or worst not including the price of a specific product in the bundle
2) If I try to use the "advance" option to set the bundle on a specific URL (in this case the shop the look gallery) the "set position on page" doesn't work. Every time I try to use it, it highlights the area I want to use but the widget does not appear.
3) I wrote the assistance to fix this problem and after 2 days of chatting the problem is still there, plus I can't write to the assistance every time I need to replace the widget, it would take too long to finalize a bundle
4) I've chat with 3 assistants and a person said I can't place the widget in a certain way and another person said I can....
5) I have to pay for this app and it doesn't work properly....I'm currenty on trial period and will soon decide if I want to keep it or not, at the moment is a big NO

The Baby Society
PickyStoryが返信しました 2022年4月13日


Anna from PickyStory team here.

I’ve checked your correspondence with the team and it seems that there was a misunderstanding regarding placing Shop the Look on product pages. In order to display a PickyStory deal on a product page the product needs to be a part of the deal. The reason for this is to make it easier for merchants to quickly create new deals and position the automatically on product pages.

I’ll be happy to make sure that everything works as expected, I’ve reached out to you via email so we can hop on a call and solve this issue.


Head of Support


This app looks nice (that's why I am giving it 2 stars instead of 1)
It displays the collections/looks nicer than other apps. But that's about where it ends.. The functionality is based on discount codes which doesn't work for a lot of scenarios. Then I am having problems with the discount not showing in the cart (it shows in checkout but not in cart) which is confusing for customers and leads to drop-outs as they think they are not getting the bundle discount. I submitted the issue on 3rd March, it is now the 30th and they still don't have a solution. The only reply I have had is when I chased them about it and they said they are still working on it. 2 weeks ago...

The Gullery
PickyStoryが返信しました 2022年3月30日


Anna is here from PickyStory.

I understand that you didn’t see the discounted price in your cart. After looking into the issue, I can see that you are using a drawer (sliding) cart in your store. Drawer carts are not “regular” cart pages and have unique implementations. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for a 3rd party app to display messages or any other elements in the drawer cart as the cart’s code isn’t available to 3rd party apps. Saying that we do offer an alternative method.

Regarding discounts - Shopify’s infrastructure is built to work with discount codes, and this is the recommended method by Shopify to keep your store clean. Alternative methods like “draft orders” aren’t recommended as they have multiple negative effects.

I’ve reached out to you via email so we can hop on a call and solve this issue.


Head of support, PickyStory


Caused an issue with my theme and I had to uninstall everything and get a new theme. Got everything set up and went to reinstall this app, because I actually liked it despite the theme issue, and am met with {"detail":"No user matching this token was found."} and can no longer install it on my store at all. Wasted an entire night redoing my entire website just for this app and am met with this. Incredibly frustrating all around.

Amanda Lapalme Art
PickyStoryが返信しました 2021年10月18日


Alex from PickyStory is here. I'm sorry to hear that you had an issue with re-installing the app. We checked your account and this happened because of a local cache issue due to uninstalling and re-installing the app right after.

The only thing you need to do is to clear your browser's cache before clicking on "Add app":

Windows - CTRL + SHIFT + R

Please feel free to reach out to us through the app's chat or at hello@pickystory.com and we would be more than happy to help you set it up.