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Discount codes do not work when utilizing this service. We are super disappointed and have lost sales because customers couldn't make it work.

BSS Commerceが返信しました 2022年12月12日

So sorry for the inconvenience you faced with our app.

You seemed to uninstall our app already but we haven't got the chance to support you yet. It would be great if you can reinstall our app again on your site and we will for sure assist you our best to improve your experience with the app.

Looking forward to working with you again!


What a mess . . . . I change a setting in the options then save - and it doesn't save! It takes me at least 2 - 6 times of adjusting the setting and saving before it actually saves.

BSS Commerceが返信しました 2022年8月22日


Please accept our apology for your experience. The Product Options app has been published recently, so it could lack some compatibility. Our team is trying to integrate features between 2 apps.

We've sent you an email via If you can give us a chance, we can assist as far as we can if we have any helpful information.

Hope you can sympathize with us!

Best regards,

BSS Commerce Team.


DON'T download this app. So disappointed Shopify even allows this app. This app causes glitches when customers are ordering. Does not allow discount codes to be used, and literally works HALF the time on sales. I ran a sale for my customers and had to spend hours refunding them- because of this app, it would show the sale price in the cart, and when they went to pay change it back to regular price. Shopify's support team was fantastic, They had never seen this issue before and I had to converse with them for 2 hours until we found the result of the discount and sale glitch was this app. I spent over 24 hours setting up my website with this app, all for nothing. My time is worth alot, and this app was an utter waste of tons of my time. Also, this apps support team is terrible. Took them almost three days to get back to me, and their response was "it'll be fixed in a few months'' I get over 700 orders a month, and so many businesses do way more than that. An integration issue that takes months to fix means this app shouldn't even be here. This app shouldn't even be on the app store. I love shopify, but hate this app

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BSS Commerceが返信しました 2022年6月19日

We're deeply sorry for your bad experience. We understand how important this discount code integration is for your business.

We are working with our developers to fix this core bug. Apologies for the trouble.

Kind regards,
Product & Variants Options team