Hulk Productopties

Hulk Productopties

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Leder bedrijf kan van de Product Options-app profiteren door meer opties voor productaanpassingen.

Onze productoptie-app is een flexibel hulpmiddel voor productfiltering, maatwerk en bundeling. Het stimuleert innovatieve verkoopstrategieën. Klanten kunnen afbeeldingen uploaden voor maatwerk en er zijn bulk-aanpassingen mogelijk.

Onze productoptie-app is een flexibel hulpmiddel voor productfiltering, maatwerk en bundeling. Het stimuleert innovatieve verkoopstrategieën. Klanten kunnen afbeeldingen uploaden voor maatwerk en er zijn bulk-aanpassingen mogelijk. meer
  • Laat klanten hun producten personaliseren met verschillende opties.
  • Volledige aanpassing van de winkelindeling, tekstberichten en meer.
  • Laat uw klanten een afbeelding uploaden van hoe het product eruit moet zien.
  • Bulk past aangepaste opties toe op duizenden producten tegelijk.
  • Geef foto's of kleurstalen aan shoppers tijdens hun productkeuze.
Populair bij bedrijven in de Verenigde Staten
Rechtstreeks te gebruiken in het Shopify-beheercentrum
Werkt met de nieuwste thema's


Selectievakjes, Voorwaardelijke logica, Aangepaste CSS, Datums, Afmetingen, Dropdowns, Bestanden uploaden, Lettertypen, Importeren en exporteren, Meerdere opties selecteren, Aantallen, Voorbeeld, Keuzeknoppen, Maattabel, Stalen, Variantweergave


Uitbreidingen, Voorwaardelijke prijzen, Aangepaste prijzen, Dynamische prijzen


Auto-update, Niet op voorraad verbergen, Weergave van voorraad, SKU-beheer, Beschikbaarheid van voorraad


1 maart 2018 · Wijzigingenlogboek


Deens, Duits, Engels, Spaans, Fins, Frans, Japans, Italiaans, Koreaans, Noors (Bokmål), Nederlands, Zweeds, Thais, Chinees (vereenvoudigd), Chinees (traditioneel), Tsjechisch, Pools, Portugees (Brazilië), Portugees (Portugal), Turks, en Vietnamees

Werkt met

Shopify POS, Pagefly, LogBase, HulkApps Mobile App Builder, HulkApps Volume Boost, Identixweb, EComposer


Development Plan

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$10 /maand

of $100/jaar en bespaar 17%

  • 12 Optietypes
  • Kleur Stalen
  • Bestand Uploaden
  • Prijs Toeslagen
  • Kortingscode in Winkelwagen
  • Dynamische Afrekenknop
  • Coll. OptSets

Gratis proefperiode van 3 dagen


$20 /maand

of $200/jaar en bespaar 17%

  • 20 Optietypes
  • Conditionele Logica
  • Bewerken in Winkelwagen
  • Verander Productafbeeldingen per Optie
  • Kleur Stalen
  • Eenmalige, Procentuele Kosten

Gratis proefperiode van 3 dagen


$49.90 /maand

of $499.90/jaar en bespaar 17%

  • Voorraad/SKU Beheer
  • Conditionele Logica
  • Hoeveelheid Selector
  • Multi-txt
  • Formule-gebaseerde Optie
  • Google Lettertype Kiezer
  • Mailchimp/Klaviyo

Gratis proefperiode van 3 dagen

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13 juni 2024

I have been using this app for years and it is a wonderful app. Staff have always been so helpful if I have any issues which have always been issues with my own tech knowledge...not the app. In particular, today I was helped by Nitesh who sorted my problem out within minutes - would have taken me hours and hours :) Thank you Nitesh.

Peach Perfect Stationery
Meer dan 4 jaar gebruiken de app
4 juli 2024

We moved across to shopify from woocommerce earlier this year in order to become much more flexible in meeting customers needs. As a small farmer directly marketing the whole animal, this is an increasingly complex task.

One of our goals this year was to enable a customer to buy the particular cuts they want, and in an easy 1 page order form so our wholesale customers can also buy what they wanted as fast as possible. This sounds fairly rudimentary; however, we also didn’t want another 150 “products” on our shopify store which affected our marketing in other ways. Plenty of apps could aggregate your products into a one page form easy enough, but nothing could sell “products” that weren’t products in the shopify sense.

Our only way to get a one page ordering form that could meet our retail and wholesale needs as well as our own business systems (flexibility being foremost) was to try and find a developer to code an app from scratch for us. Obviously a big expense with an unknown outcome.

During our research of the shopify app ecosystem we came across Hulk Product Options. Their of unlimited options to a single product looked promising, it was close to what we needed. We approached them to see if it could be modified to fit our needs and they seemed happy to help. We held off on our developer search and Danko from Hulk Apps got us a version 1 modification to their Hulk Product Options.

Like everything in tech, new problems appeared. We were bending their system in ways it was never intended and we responded with a thank you but here is a long list now to make it work.

Incredibly, they obliged.

We have gone back and forth over the last couple of months refining what in our opinion was already the most powerful product options app of its kind, into a customisable, feature rich, easy ordering (plus very usable in the UI/UX sense) app that allows us to have the most flexible product offerings in a single ordering page.

There is nothing like this on the internet let alone shopify.

Imagine being in a butcher shop selecting from their displays that day. A week later it might be a different offering. Translate that to the ecommerce world. Can you imagine managing some 150 products that can change weekly whilst managing other channels such as marketing, seo, google adwords etc. The shopify product system didn’t handle this robustly enough for us.

Hulk apps have been great in modifying their Product Options app to our needs. Danko from Hulk understood our needs and took initiative. In doing so Hulk have developed what we feel is a great app for others to try. There is now no longer a gap in the shopify app ecosystem for simple ordering on a single page that doesn’t simply aggregate products allowing no flexibility.

Wolki Farm
4 maanden gebruiken de app
28 juni 2024

Hulk has really great customer service. Everytime I reach out (which is pretty rare) they solve the problem quickly and their support staff is always friendly. Great app and company.

Meer dan 5 jaar gebruiken de app
11 juli 2024

Hulk Product is an easy app to use. Whenever we've had an issue with it or our theme needs updating, they have been quick, fast, and super helpful! Definitely recommend!

Monica's Gourmet Cookies
Verenigde Staten
Bijna 4 jaar gebruiken de app
21 juni 2024

This app is almost perfect! There are a few quirks that I wish could be done like I wish some listings wouldn't say $0.00 initially or show no price at all until an option is chosen, just little things like that, but overall I'd give this app a 4.7 star. The customer service is stellar and they respond so quickly and are so wonderful to work with. It's relatively easy to do on your own, once you get used to it. And what you can't figure out, you just reach out and they help you figure it out and VOILA! I would definitely recommend this app and it's been the best options app I've used and I've tried a handful. xo

Bubba Bear Studios
Verenigde Staten
Ongeveer 4 jaar gebruiken de app

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1 Kingdom Street, Paddington Central, London, ENG, W2 6BD, GB


Deze ontwikkelaar biedt geen directe ondersteuning in het Nederlands.

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