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Great customer service and the website has served my needs tremendously. It's very diverse and offers a range of customization options at an affordable price. Only thing is I wish it was more compatible with these Wholesale apps when adding price add-ons (works with the apps to add text details, colors, etc., but DOES NOT work when adding-price add-ons and adjusting directly in the cart like some other apps do). It basically comes down to which variant apps are compatible with which wholesale apps and Globo isn't compatible with any of the wholesale apps I wanted or needed to use). I needed Globo to work for a wholesale app and couldn't get it via my backend nor API which is very weird. Tech needs to figure out how to allow this app to work with others through API if not directly compatible via the Shopify store... However, if you simply need a custom options app for your Shopify store only, no other Wholesale B2B/B2C app compatibility needed for price add-ons, then this app is AMAZING and definitely a no brainer.


This app has solved a year-long issue that we have had with properly bundling our products while tying them into our inventory and doing so in the most simplified customer experience. Several specific requests were always promptly answered (thanks, Sarah!). The team at Globo has also helped me set up my preorders thanks to their two compatible apps. I saved over 200€/year by switching my product options and preorder apps to Globo. I can honestly recommend this app to anyone looking to add several product options that are conditionally programmed off one another, while having the simplest usability for their customers! Job well done.

I would like to give 10 stars to the apps and to the customer service I received. I love this apps. There are so many great features that make my store stand out. Highly recommend. It's user friendly and great to work with. All my products are personaized and I wanted to add text, add ons and many other options for the products. GLobo Product Options, Variant Options made everything so easy for me. I had a few issues, which were fixed in one day and everything start working properly and perfect. Thank you for creating such a great apps and thank you for all you help!

I want to make an update. I use this app since my last review. Want to say how professional and friendly the staff is. I'm impressed by the fast response and how they can make everything I need. I have a few queries, which weren't easy in my opinion. They work on it for a couple of days and everything was done. I'm so grateful I found you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


I messaged them to get some help but managed to work out my problem by myself with help from Globos FAQs section. However, I had a reply within 12 hours (it may have been much quicker - I had messaged at end of day in my country) with an offer of help. I replied back during normal working hours saying that I had worked it out and got a reply within an hour. Great service. It gives me hope that if i need them in the future they will be there.

Fandom Imagination

After leaving a different app due to the price add on causing problems and being told by their support it couldn't be improved I tried Globo. The cart page was better but I hoped it could be improved further so after sending a support request, the improvements where made within a few hours. I'm so happy and appreciative. Aside from that, adding the product variations or elements which they're called on this app is nice and clear and easy to set up. A big relief after thinking I may have to compromise on how good my store would have to look and operate. Thank you.

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This app has changed the way my customers can have a good experience ordering custom products on my site. While it's easy to set up, if you're not tech-advanced you may run into some issues... But what I love the most is the that their support team gets your right! They're responsive, and know how to solve things quickly on the backend while giving clear instructions on how you can maintain everything within the app. Use them!!!

Oloro World

So, I'm normally not a person who leaves reviews but this team has blown me out of the water. Setting up the product customization was super easy and totally beginner friendly. The interface is clean and easy to navigate. Overall, 100/100.

On another hand, I needed some extra customization done to suit my sites needs so I reached out to the team and they responded within an hour and coded me a solution within the next. I was swept away. I launched my store and I kept running to another problem where I needed the quantity of the items in the cart to go up if they selected a certain custom option and once again. The team came to the rescue. Without them being here to help me with my store. I probably would of gave up and haven't of been as successful.

You guys are the best. You def earned a long time customer. I'll recommend you to everyone I know who starts a store up! Great work!

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I am having the pleasure of using the Globo Product Options app for my Shopify store, and I must say, it has been an absolute game-changer for my business. Not only does the app provide a wide range of features, but the exceptional support and cooperation from their team have truly impressed me.
The app allows me to easily create and manage customizable options for my products, giving my customers the ability to personalize their purchases. This level of flexibility has significantly enhanced the shopping experience on my store, leading to increased customer satisfaction and improved conversion rates.
What sets Globo Options apart is its intuitive and user-friendly interface. I appreciate how the app's interface is designed to be simple yet powerful, allowing us to effortlessly customize options according to our unique product add-on services.
One aspect that truly impressed me is the exceptional support and cooperation from the Globo Options team. Whenever I had a question or needed assistance, their response was swift and helpful. They not only resolved any issues I encountered promptly but also went the extra mile to provide additional guidance and suggestions to maximize the app's potential for my specific needs. The team's dedication and willingness to ensure their users' success is truly commendable.
Overall, I can confidently say that Globo Options app is a must-have for any Shopify store owner looking to offer customizable options to their customers. Its extensive features, coupled with the excellent support and cooperation from the team behind it, have exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this app to anyone seeking to enhance their customers' shopping experience and drive greater sales.
Special Thanks to Helen and all the team for creating such a fantastic app and for their outstanding support. Your dedication to providing an exceptional user experience is truly appreciated.


I haven't had it long, but so far so great!
I put in a request to make some changes to the style to better match the theme of my site. I wasn't sure how to request what I wanted so I fumbled out a couple of weird emails that made me look a bit nuts, I'm sure. No problem! Helen was amazing and got it done, and I really like how it looks. She even went another step to ensure the watermark was removed to make the site look more professional. And it was done within a couple hours. I was expecting to wait until at least the day or even post-launch. Really really happy with this app and service so far.

Shirt Demons

First of all, the fact that this app is free is already reason enough to try it. The reviews were glowing so we didn't hesitate to get it installed. We were not disappointed! The app has a simple layout, and it is as easy and straightforward as it gets to work with. We did encounter a couple of hiccups, but nothing that our customer support agent Helen couldn't help us with. The main issue we had was customers being able to remove add ons from the cart and still keeping the original product with the selected options on the cart but without the add on prices (we actually saw a Globo negative review about this same issue and were concerned about it), but this was resolved the next day after contacting Globo's customer support. In conclusion, I strongly recommend this app for a multitude of reasons!

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