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I run a personalised gift store on shopify, and therefore needed a good, reliable app to be able to let my customers add names, choose colours, etc. I chose Globo, and have never looked back.

It does absolutely everything I need, is extremely easy and flexible (as I do change things a lot!) and looks good. And it's also very cost effective.

I recently changed my theme, which although I love it, I could not get to grips with how to have my personalised options, so thought I would carry on with Globo. This was fine, but for some reason (my fault), the personalised boxes were right at the top of every product page, and no matter what I did, they stayed there. I wanted the boxes under the buy it now section.

I emailed Globo, just asking if there was anything I could do to help. I had an answer very quickly, asking for authorisation to be able to look in my store and see what the problem was (there are special ways for reputable app companies to look without seeing any of our personal information, financials, etc). Of course I agreed to this.

This morning I wake to an email from Globo with a screenshot saying "is this acceptable to you" - and there were my boxes, under the Buy it Now section, just as I had asked!

I came and checked on my PC, and yes, it's all done and perfect!

Globo's customer services are amazing, and go beyond and above. I highly recommend Globo for anyone needing options to personalise goods etc.

Thank you!

I went on the chat because the app wasn't populating on the live website. The team were more than helpful, even help to add some tweaks to my variants for me and answered any questions that I had. Couldn't be more please with this outstanding customer service! 5 stars! Rosie was who I worked with and she was excellent!

Mail Your Mark

The application works very well. It has all the features that allow customers to select additional products. Support is very fast and has so far solved all problems with the app. The only feature we are missing is the tracking of product-option status.

the application is great i used it a lot of all my variants, and the customer service team is perfect than can help you with anything you want


Ran into an issue with setting up a new product option and contacted support. Was responded to immediately and the problem was fixed within 24 hours.

Fantastic customer support!

Working with Globo is the easiest thing ever. First, the application is the best one out there that I have found for unlimited variants and product options. I'm not very techy and was able to figure it out. And if there are ANY problems or questions - even the smallest of questions or issues, their support team is next level. You are in great hands with Globo and their suite of products.

Mitten State Woodworks LLC

I highly recommend this application.
There is a high degree of freedom in setting product options, and the design is very good and fits well into the interface.
Also, the customer support is fast, courteous, and very reliable. When an error occurred within the app, they responded to it. The person in charge at that time was a person called Helen, and she was very courteous and worked quickly, for which I am very grateful.

For Your Pleasure

Where do I start, excuses and lies for over 12 months. Customers select products and the pricing dosent come up. The price will come up as free to the customer. Globo kept saying it was the settings and instructed me to make the changes. Worked once then reverts back to $0.00 for the variant, thousands of dollars lost. We kept going around in circles tor about a year then I was finally told I was using the old version that was more tha a year old. I was perplexed as I gave globo access to shopify on a few occasions to fix the issue over the same period. When updating from old version to new the data is all lost and you need to start from scratch, also the pricing is higher. All along I was made to feel it was my fault but in no way shape or form was it. In the end Helen from globo's excuse was we are in Vietnam???

Mongrel Fishing Tackle

This is an outstanding app and by far the most important one used on my stores. Absolutely worth every cent for the PRO version too. It's very easy to use and on the rare occasion I've run into problems, their customer support team have been fast and effective with helping me. Rosie and Wick helped me with a problem just yesterday and I can only dream that other customer support teams gave me the kind of fast friendly service they did! I don't leave reviews normally but they genuinely deserve it. Much appreciated team Globo :)


Amazing ADD-ON! Must have for everyone trying to list items with more then 2 options.Makes your life easier, and Great customer service. Rosie was very diligent and helpful in solving the issue which was down to our own fault. Thanks Rosie :-)