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12 de março de 2018

I hate this app. I had a developer add it for me and when I went to set it up, it was way too time consuming to add all the options and add the "conditional logic". After you set up the conditional logic, lets say you have 20 product options with different price amounts, you then have to create 20 new products with those product prices and it's just a mess. Huge time waster and I have been spending my money on this app for the past few months till I launched and now have to start over. Wish I had looked into it earlier on.

Doggie Diva Store
Estados Unidos
5 months usando a aplicação
Editado a 13 de março de 2017

Poor application. Terrible service.

The application showed a price different from the price of the product and also, did not add it to the car. We have lost payment for that product and the developer does not want to acknowledge their error.

The developer has just corrected the difference between the price that was displayed on the web and the actual price of the product to our order, but we are responsible for not synchronizing the ap when we had never changed the price.

The most unfortunate thing is that it states that since we have not been charged with the installation of your app, they can not give back to us what they have caused us to lose.

Shopify should analyze the continuity of this company. They should not treat a customer so badly.

About 1 month usando a aplicação
5 de julho de 2016

app DID NOT work as advertised. i wrote them for support and their only answer was to pay them 25 bucks to install it for me. i paid the 25$ installation and it still didnt work. i wrote them multiple times to fix it and its been a week and they have not gotten back to me. awful company. bad service. non-functioning app. DO NOT BUY THIS APP.

Estados Unidos
10 days usando a aplicação
Editado a 23 de abril de 2019

Megan ruined my store. Do not install this app as they will not understand what you need, even if you tell them 100 times in the most basic of terms, including video examples. I grew exhausted trying to get an answer from these guys, and never got any that made sense.There is way too much wrong with this app and the service, I won't even.

9 days usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por W3trends 16 de abril de 2019

Sorry for the trouble you had getting started using the app :( Unfortunately we're based in Houston and thus our timezone is CST. Some of the time difference was it falling on a weekend as well. Our support auto replies also list our hours of operation. We're sometimes here as late as 7PM CST so if you reply early in the morning in Australia between 8am and 10am we should be able to get a lot of communication in then. We wish we could afford 24 hour support! But at the this time we're only a small team of 6 people and try to keep the app prices competitive and still see our families at night.

If you still want to give the app a shot we'd be happy to help if you shoot us an email to support@w3trends.com. We'll also mark your ticket high priority. Also if any customer doesn't end up using the app, we happily refund the $25 installation fee. Please email us if you paid for an installation and would like a refund.

Editado a 10 de janeiro de 2021

Terrible service, when i ask to fix the problem from the app
Changes the price on the product page when an option with an upcharge is selected, changes the item price in the cart to include all upchrage products, and install image customizer.
their only answer was to pay 187.5$ to fix it
bad service. non-functioning app. DO NOT BUY THIS APP.

Germotte Photo & Framing Studio
8 days usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por W3trends 10 de janeiro de 2021

Sorry to hear that you were not happy with our service. We had offered to look at the issues you were experiencing but you never accepted the collaborator access request so there was very little we can do.

As for the additional charges, those were for the data entry and custom configurations you were asking for us to do that are outside of the standard functionality of the app.

If you are still interested in us taking a look at your installation just let us know and we will get it set up for you.

27 de julho de 2020

The support is truly horrible. They messed up the install of our theme which led to huge issues in our store. When we reached out for urgent help, they just gave us generic answers. STAY AWAY!

Ferris Wheel Press
5 days usando a aplicação
8 de março de 2016

Unfortunately I will be going with a different product options app. This app appeared to be promising but the support is just awful. I have sent multiple support tickets and emailed the guy who they assign to you once you get the app.. bgilbert.. and no response of any kind.

Hope you guys are able to work on that.

Estados Unidos
2 days usando a aplicação
21 de novembro de 2018

you can not install the app because it is a trap when you ask for help they want extra $25 try and see waste of time

Estados Unidos
About 5 hours usando a aplicação