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14. Juli 2023

Definitely give Bold Options a try!

I've downloaded literally every single Product Customization app out there (literally EVERY one) and Bold Options really stands out because of their excellent customer service. They are without a doubt the only ones that will take the time to really make this an app a fit for your store. They helped build several completely custom codes for my store that I would have otherwise had to hire a developer for. No other app as ever helped me like this - even for a very very simple modification, all the other apps I worked with said that that was out of their capabilities and I had to find a developer to help with. Not only does that obviously save on costs but it also helps fast track the whole process because if you have past experience with developers, you know that it's usually very slow.

I've worked with several customer service agents here who have all been great but most recently I worked with Nisha who was able to actual make code edits on the spot while I was on chat support with her which was amazing customer support. Truly exceptional customer service!

Make It Mine
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Bearbeitet am 8. März 2023

I would absolutely recommend this app!!
We have loved using the Bold Product Options app along with our Shopify store. It has given us the ability to add additional options for products to our website. It has been great to make the shopping experience better for our customers.

The customer service is always great. Deelen helped me figure out the issue we were having and walked me through step by step on how to fix the issue. They continued to help me even though I didn't know what I was doing and made sure our store was running correctly.

Dan has also been fantastic. He reached out to me when I stated that there were things I would change about the app and he has helped make sure those changes were made.
I am so thankful for the support they provide.

Patriot Station
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8 monate mit der App
13. Dezember 2022

Let me tell you - the customer service is exceptional! I used other apps that didn't work and then I got here. Customer rep Jeff answered any question I had, and very quickly I should add. I wasn't waiting 5 minutes in between each question for an answer, I got my answers in under 2 minutes and we were on for over an hour. He walked me through an entire product setup and I already have a product set up with less than a few hours invested into this customized! I can tell you compared to a certain other customizer I was using, this should get 6 stars not 5.

Prowear Co
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6. September 2023

Bold Product Options app is user-friendly - options are easy to set up and apply to your products and is a great solution for working around Shopify's variant limit. The team helped me set the app up completely and troubleshoot when issues came up with our theme. Special thanks to Ahmed who is kind, friendly, and super helpful with getting our app set up and ironing out the kinks. In fact, every interaction from customer service to dev has been positive, and that speaks volumes for their whole team - highly recommend this app. Thanks team!

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8. Mai 2023

This app has given us the option to offer more menu selections in our Shopify Store and we have been very happy. We did have one glitch with some old code and I was not able to fix it myself, I reached out to Bold Products Option customer support, there one of their staff Alina, had responded immediately and was there for me until the issues was quickly resolved. She even fixed some things with our code while she was in there. This was a great customer service experience for me. Thank you Alina and Bold Product Options!

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3. August 2023

BOLD Product Options app has truly revolutionized our online store experience! The vast array of customization options, combined with an intuitive interface, has helped us easily create personalized products for our customers. The app's stellar functionality has made managing our eCommerce business an absolute breeze.

A special shout out to Mrunal Shah who provided incredible support throughout the entire process! Mrunal's deep product knowledge and tireless commitment to customer success ensured the smooth and efficient integration of the app into our store. This level of dedication to outstanding customer service is a rare find these days.

We wholeheartedly recommend the BOLD Product Options app to anyone looking to level up their eCommerce game. The added functionality, ease of use, and exceptional assistance provided by Mrunal Shah make it a 5-star experience all the way!

dbakers Miami
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21. Februar 2023

We've been using Product Options for several years. Had a problem today and worked with Deelen through their handy chat option. Deelen helped me to quickly troubleshoot the issue and got my store back up and running. The customizations offered through the options app are just what we needed to get our orders submitted with the right personalizations for our clients.

O'Neil Practice Resources
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28. August 2023

Been using this app for our custom products for almost two years now and haven't had any issues until we decided to switch themes. For some reason the product add-ons were not showing up on cart page, and customer support quickly helped us address the issue. S/o to the tier 2 support, Ahmed, Deelen, Manoj, Kenan + Team who were able to resolve the problem.

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Bearbeitet am 10. August 2023

A terrific solution for our needs, albeit at a high cost. Customer service is top notch and is usually able to solve any issues you have same day. Some of the settings for products have to be erased, otherwise values revert back to original. Really like the swatch options. If adjusting and tweaking settings was easier and if the price wasn't so high (50$ a month/600$ a year), I'd rate this as a 5 star app.

Update (8/10/2023): It sounds like Shopcircle (owner of the app) will soon be making things easier and more fluid for the user, as well as offering better monthly subscription rates. If this happens, my final rating is 5 stars.

Light Armor, Inc.
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22. März 2023

I've had a great experience with this app so far for my apparel shop. I offer lots of color and size options and this has made my product pages look great and user friendly. I had a small issue with some options not coming through on orders but chatted with a rep (Jeff - thanks so much!) and got resolved immediately.

Light and Shine Boutique
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