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17. Januar 2013

This App does everything they say it does AND it has the best support team in the world. I asked a fairly technical question at 8pm PST - I received instructions that solved my problem SEVEN minutes later!!! You can purchase this app in confidence.

Containers In Transit
21. Januar 2013

This app is a must, i sell lots of different car decals with lots of colors and styles at , with this app i m able to reduce the amount of useless sku and i can have alot more product listed without worrying about going over my limit.

Its also very easy to use once its setup , i didn't know how to set it up so i emailed them for help and wow the next day they had it ready .

Wish they had this earlier.

Xtreme Digital Graphix
5. Januar 2013

Good app and easy to use. Probably functionality that should have been in the Shopify platform to begin with.... but happy that it exists now!

Float Tank Solutions
19. Februar 2013

Great APP guys and the support was awesome. I added this late Friday and their hours were Mon to Fri Office Hours. However I received an email over the weekend addressing my concern over the install and they installed it for me and it was fully functioning by Tuesday morning. It saved us time and money since it doesn't add SKUs to the products. First Class App with First Class Support A+++ We recommend this app to EVERYONE!

Justice 55
26. Februar 2013

great app & a very professional support! they helped us with the setup within 24 hours... looking forward for more shappify products!

Diamond Pride
25. Februar 2013

I purchased the options app to assist with my site and it has made it very easy. When I was entering my code I had an issue and the team was there to support me. They are currently working with the liquid to assist me. 48 hours is a good turn around time. Thanks for making if simple.

Beantown Bomber
18. November 2013

This app is exactly what we were looking for! A lot of our products come with customization options and this app makes it very easy for our customers to choose exactly what they want. We were very happy with the standard version of the app, but once we upgraded to the premium version we haven't looked back. The conditional logic and price add-on options are great to have!! Upsell options on the actual product = more revenue, plain and simple! Check out our store:

Vereinigte Staaten
31. Mai 2013

The Shappify customer experience blew my expectations out of the water. They were very helpful in getting the app working the way I wanted it and were quick to respond to my questions. I would recommend Shappify to anyone who is serious about using a fuss free app that just works perfectly and is backed up by a great team who are there for you.

21. Januar 2014

This a great app. We use the Premium version and it allows us to manage every combination of pricing options that we need in conjunction with the Quantity Breaks app.

Real Okie Brand
Vereinigte Staaten
16. Februar 2014

Great! Saves us so much time! Customer service is good too.

XTAR Direct
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