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5. Juni 2014

Works great! Just need a little help with the css and limiting characters in custom text fields. Certainly one of the best apps ive installed so far as long as i can blend it into my theme a little better. 5 stars from

Quite buggy at the moment and been a number of days with no response from support. We have 4 of their apps, support was great up until a few days ago now we feel out in the cold.

Had many customers buy our products, and options they selected were not in their cart, so they told us and then never came back, lost business, not so good.
Hoping to work thru the bugs but will most likely remove a few apps today if support is not there, sad to say.

28 tage mit der App
20. Mai 2020

You can not add logic. I Tried to follow up their tutorials and no success. It does not work at all.

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Etwa 13 stunden mit der App
17. August 2017

- Apps is glitchy
- the UI is a complete pain to use
- Support doesn't seem know their own app and offers solutions that don't actual fix the problem
- Basic features don't work properly

- support gets back quickly (not accurately but quickly)
- No other app does what this one is spouse to do.

Downloaded it several days ago, still can't get it to the simple options. It is currently holding up my entire projects launch. Will update if this actually gets resolved to work properly.

Air Bnb Host Shop
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Bearbeitet am 18. November 2017

Want to like this app, but for the money, there is simply no way. For this kind of money, images and pricing should be dynamic and change as users changes them - at the very least. Very glitchy, doesn't save settings as expected. Waste of money!
And, no full uninstall... Horrible! At least give the option to remove ALL of your code snippets and liquid files.

Quality Breeds
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5 tage mit der App
23. März 2014

I wish it were easier. I just can't seem to figure out how to link up multiple options to a product.

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Bearbeitet am 6. November 2018

REVIEW UPDATE: Lesson Learned. Duplicate Your Theme Before Installing An App in case there are problems. Anyone's app.
It was after hours and I had sent BOLD an email requesting help. A bit later I left the original review. I got an email shortly after leaving the review. They went in and uninstalled the app properly first thing the next morning and were very nice and helpful.
I ended up getting a different theme to do what I wanted. This app may do everything you want it to do but it didn't work for me. I think the fact that an automatic install is in BETA and a manual/supported install may take 2-3 days should be noted somewhere before you install the app. Perhaps I missed it and it is buried somewhere in the product description.

(original edited on 11/6/18) I installed because I wanted buttons instead of drop down menu for my product pages. After installing I find out Auto install is Beta and the other install can take 2-3 days. I did auto and changed the product selector to buttons. It did not work. I uninstalled the app and my site broke. My product pages filled with code on the live site. When I contacted Shopify for help this is a known issue that comes with uninstalling their app. In the end that is my fault because I failed to duplicate my theme before installing something new. Lesson learned. This may work for you but it didn't work for me and perhaps I did not give it enough time.

Dorm Outlet Store
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21. Januar 2017

Can't do much without paying for the full monthly price.

Trade Show House
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