Product Questions & Answers

Product Questions & Answers

Appify Commerce

Display product questions and answers on product page.

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Boost product sales

Boost your product sales by answering customer queries upfront and display them on product page

Faster Import/Export Feature

Now import pre-generated questions & answers or export from current store in a single click.

WhatsApp Chat Support

Let customers reach out to you with the help of WhatsApp and provide them friendly customer support experience

Product Questions & Answers 정보

Note:- Please, you could consider our rival's app. If you are looking for fancy, complicatedly designed apps. We have tried to keep our app as possible as user-friendly, simple yet significant.

Only a product description is not enough these days. People seek validation. If the questions that arise in their mind are answered, their decision to buy that product becomes more firm. Here comes our app. With our app-enabled store-visitors can ask product-related questions directly on the product pages. Answer them and let them realize that store owners care about customer queries.

One step further, use previously asked questions as social proof by making them publically visible.

My store is new but, I have a few readymade questions and answers. Will your app be a good fit for my store?

Good fit? Our app is the BEST FIT for your store as our app lets you import questions & answers.

We have noticed many stores end up installing more than one app for customer relations management & support (which means more money to spend on apps).


  • Convert your visitors into customers
  • Simple yet significant user interface
  • Customization of display texts to set labels & titles as per your choice, input translated texts to match the store's language
  • Admins can post questions & answers on their own regarding products to help customers
  • Import/Export questions and answers with a single click
  • Ability to set multiple emails to get notified when a new question gets posted with the option to enable or disable it
  • Quick and easy to integrate Mailchimp
  • Logged in customers can vote whether a question/answer is helpful or not
  • Admin can decide whether only logged in or all customers can post a question
  • Customizable email templates
  • Customer can sort questions by vote or date

We offer support on weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM IST.

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Very useful app!!!! It doesn't work well at first, so i tried to contact them, and they replied us fast, and fixed the issue fast!!!!

FP Ideenfabrik

I wanted to try this app 'cause there is a free plan (for serious testing), but when installing the app a popup appears with notice that from now on 1,99 USD where charged each month.
That is the Premium-plan, no choice to use the free one.
After installing a second time the app was installed with the free plan.
So, testing now....
After easy installing and configuring the App works fine so far.
Only 1 field can be configured free, NOimport possible for testing.
a little bit less IMO for testing it seriously

개발자 회신

2021년 5월 17일

Sorry for the inconvenience, kindly reach out to us at we are happy to assist you :)

SnakeClamp Products

This is an excellent app that makes it quick and easy for customers to ask questions and receive a prompt reply. Then the question/answer remains on the product page for future customers to see. Previously a customer would have to call or email which was probably an impediment to sales. During setup and testing the developer made some improvements for me including implementing a confirmation message after the customer submits a question, and providing a clickable link in the answer email so that the customer can easily return to the product page. This is a must-have app!