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14. elokuu 2023

Maybe it's just me, but I installed this app and it drastically dropped my speed score for my online store. I started my store a year ago and had been consistently fluctuating between 56 - 60 speed score. Once I installed this app, the first day I dropped to a 50. The second day I was at a 45. I only found out because when I had loaded into my store on a webpage, it was noticeably much slower to load pages. It has been 5 days and I am currently sitting at a 36 speed score.... There were no other actions done on my store except installing this app during this time frame.
The customer service was actually very responsive but the app did not seem to work consistently with the warning pop ups. Sometimes it would pop up after adding to cart and sometimes it would pop up after I clicked checkout. Also, if you add to cart with the fast add and click checkout in the pop up tab then the warning would not even show up. I also tested the geolocation with a vpn service and the app did not seem to recognize this.
All in all, this app works if you simply just need something to pop up but in my experience if you are trying to be more precise with the pop ups, I had experienced many glitches.
I installed this app because there were tons of 5 star ratings but I did not have this same experience. I would have given a 2 star rating if the customer service was not as responsive.

RSVR Jewelers
3 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
EC Apps Sp z o o vastasi 17. elokuu 2023

Thank you for mentioning the support team first of all. Because we tried to do all our best resolve your concerns but some of our questions and suggestions were ignored by you.
The speed score. In order to identify the app that impacted the page speed, you need to perform a test with the app enabled and later with the app being disabled. Only this approach will give you a clear idea about the impact of each specific app. We perform these tests from our end and can see that the app has no or minimal impact on the page speed (from 0 to 2-3 points in Google Lighthouse).
Please note that the rating may be decreased due to any other reason like for example one of existing 3rd party assets being loaded slower than it was before. The impact must be tested using the approach explained above.
As for the popup consistency, we provided you multiple screencasts from different devices that demonstrated consistent work according to your settings. We asked you to provide at least one screencast or at least the steps to reproduce the issue mentioned, but this was ignored.
We are always open to getting in touch with you to clarify and solve all the points described.