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2 maggio 2017

Huge fan of this app and these developers! The base service allows for product warnings. For the purposes of our website, we required a pop-up that was geolocated. The Elastic Soft team got back to me within an hour offering to develop this for us for next to nothing! They were beyond helpful, incredibly responsive and an absolute pleasure to communicate with - the user support is unparalleled.

The app itself is very user friendly and clear. Two enthusiastic thumbs up :)

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29 novembre 2023

Very useful app. Does exactly what it says, is customizable without being complicated, and was exactly what I needed to add warnings during the add to cart process.

I did have an issue with the popup not working with my PageFly pages, but the dev team at Elastic-soft had made the required modifications to my store within a few days to get things working. Excellent customer support.

Highly recommended!

Fortus Pilates
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28 aprile 2018

this is perfect for my pre-orders. works smoothly!

Cold Gold Ph
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6 ottobre 2017

Excellent app. Very simple to install and extremely easy to use. Highly customizable. And it even comes with quick, efficient and knowledge/helpful support via email. Simply awesome!!

Delicate Seams
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24 aprile 2018

Amazing, this is exactly what I need. Some of my products only ship Monday - Thursday and now I can notify my customers!

Aerobiology Supplies
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29 aprile 2022

This app is critical for our website, and it works exactly as intended. The couple of times I've asked them for help with making custom changes, they've been extremely responsive and helpful. Definitely in the top 5 apps we use for our Shopify store to help us get the job done.

Kingston Label Products
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21 maggio 2017

GREAT app! I needed this app for a pop up at check out for my customers on my site shoppassionette.com They were able to go in and fix it just how I need it and it works great. You can have more than one message but in this case, all I needed was one. I highly recommend this app. They are very friendly and fast at getting things just how you need them for your store.

Passion Ette
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31 luglio 2018

Don't like using popups like this too often but very useful if you need to make your customer aware of something about a particular product. Easy to setup and use.

Direct 4x4
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6 marzo 2019

Extremely simple to use and customize and works great on our website! This app is more than we could have hope for. Also, their customer service team is very responsive and so helpful!

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26 marzo 2019

App works well, and minor issues I had were dealt with quickly by support. Non standard Shopify shopping cart/theme issues that wouldn't work 100% with the app were offered as additional charged development.

Bella Luna Online
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