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21 maggio 2017

GREAT app! I needed this app for a pop up at check out for my customers on my site shoppassionette.com They were able to go in and fix it just how I need it and it works great. You can have more than one message but in this case, all I needed was one. I highly recommend this app. They are very friendly and fast at getting things just how you need them for your store.

Passion Ette
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31 luglio 2018

Don't like using popups like this too often but very useful if you need to make your customer aware of something about a particular product. Easy to setup and use.

Direct 4x4
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6 marzo 2019

Extremely simple to use and customize and works great on our website! This app is more than we could have hope for. Also, their customer service team is very responsive and so helpful!

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26 marzo 2019

App works well, and minor issues I had were dealt with quickly by support. Non standard Shopify shopping cart/theme issues that wouldn't work 100% with the app were offered as additional charged development.

Bella Luna Online
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25 febbraio 2020

We make custom wood products and this app is perfect for warning our customers about a delay on only a particular wood type. Thank you for this

Don Orrell Stirrups
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23 luglio 2020

This app saves my customers from confusion as they add fabric to their cart in ½ metre increments. Because I sell fabric by the ½ metre and Shopify doesn't allow for incremental sales it means when my customers add 1 to cart a pop up lets them know that 1 is equivalent to a half metre - It saves both the customer and me from amending sales because this wasn't clear and also saved me thousands of dollars to have my shop programmed to sell in increments. It is fantastic and works without a hitch - every order.

Rainbow Stash
Nuova Zelanda
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6 marzo 2020

Great app. Solve a common problem, easy and simple. Thank you for this great free application. Regards :)

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Data modifica: 16 febbraio 2022

Remarkable application ! I'm using it many years now and actually I couldn't find any similar that is working so nicely! It worth's the price asked 100% Also the customer service is very experienced and will solve any problems- if any ever arise - in record time. I never had any problem with the app and helped me with my shopify stores

SalesWorm Co
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EC Apps Sp z o o ha risposto 10 marzo 2020

Thanks for your feedback first of all. The app was updated for the April API release a week ago. The notifications, which were sent to you, are outdated at the moment.
We actually replied to your email in 2 hours and 16 minutes after it was sent to us. We will try to reach you again via email in case you didn't receive the previous message.

5 gennaio 2022

We have been using this app for over a year now and works great since we are not allowed to ship specific products. Customers can see it online so if they are in the area can pick it up. This was easy to set up and if we have had issues or questions they are very quick to reply and correct the issue. Would highly recommend.

Sabattus Disc Golf, Inc.
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20 giugno 2019

This is one of the best apps we have! As a distributor of medical products, it is important that we only sell certain items to certain customers. The product warnings app allows us to warn our customers about our policies before they complete their purchase.

Working with their team, and specifically with Ihnat, has been a very good experience as well. Ihnat has helped my team on multiple occasions, and even helped with some customizations that we could not live without.

We highly recommend this app to any store that needs to get confirmation from customers regarding certain products.

MFI Medical Equipment, Inc.
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