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Removes background from your photos by graphic designers & AI

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Remove background from your product photos: boost sales, increase conversions. Perfection guaranteed

Product Pix is a plugin that removes the background from your product photos. Upload a product photo, get a perfect product photo without the background - perfection is guaranteed by human graphic designers that carefully review & edit every single photo.

How can we help you?

You’re a pro, and your customers need to see it to believe it. Products set out against a clean white background are perceived as higher quality, reduce visual clutter, and increase conversion rates.

Product Pix will retouch your photos to perfection, optimize their size to make your page load faster.

Key Features

  • Every photo we deliver is reviewed by a human graphic designer. Perfection is guaranteed.
  • You never have to manually edit a result. We work for you, not the other way around
  • Our prices are insanely low - 10 free credits, 0.35$/photo after.
  • Every photo you upload improves the results
  • Every photo you upload is optimized for space, reducing photo size 2x-4x. This makes your page load faster while keeping perfect photo quality


  • dropbox





Pay as you go: $0.35 per image; first 10 images for free

5.0 5つ星


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Hi thanks for the tech support in resolving my issue. This is a good product at a very good price,

recommendations make it work better in phone.
Works great on a desktop.



EDIT: thanks a lot for your positive review. We're working hard to fix your camera-specific issue, and I appreciate it very much that you gave us this vote of confidence and changed the review back to 5 stars. It means the world to us!

Original message below

I sincerely apologize. I'm not showing anything on our email - it looks like something's glitching with our support system which we'll fix right away!

As the founder of Product Pix, customer satisfaction is my top priority. I reached out directly via email. If for any reason you didn't get my email - hit me up directly at

Product Pix Founder & CEO

Classy Walking Canes

This is a great app for those of you that take your own product pics. We use an Iphone-X and a photo booth and then send them to Product Pix and they do their magic. Clear white background and sharp image on product. The price is fantastic and they quality of the work is outstanding. Great App!!!

Zero Waste Hub

I used this app several times and the results were wonderful. Shadows and backgrounds were replaced by white background and the integrity of the product pic remained. The customer service is personal and quick (Thank you Ron!). If you are looking for a white background for your product to make it look professional- try them out!



Thank you so much for your review. We're happy to help. Feel free to reach out anytime if you need help making the most of Product Pix. We're furiously building out new features for the app (next up: square photos!).

We hope to see more of your amazing products running through our system in the future :-)