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Data modifica: 16 febbraio 2023

Update - The developer did refund the $6.99 I was charged because I did not use the app. As stated by the developer the 3-day free trial is only available for the $14.99 plan option. Nowhere in the description before installing the app did I see that the 3-day free trial only applied to the $14.99 option. Indicating a 3-day Free trial without listing any exclusions is misleading and one would assume it applies to all pricing plans. Please update your details so that others understand that they will be charged for a full month even if they decide it's not a good fit for them.

After downloading the app I discovered that it did not fit my needs so I uninstalled it approx. 10 minutes after installing it. There is supposed to be a 3-day FREE trial period so I did not think I would be charged for the app since I uninstalled it during this time. I received my February Shopify bill and saw that they still charged me for a full month of use. I sent a message to the developer asking why I was charged but they never replied. I guess the Free trial period only applies to those who decide to keep the app.

My File Addiction
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myappsmarket ha risposto 15 febbraio 2023

We hope you will read these three points.

1. We would like to inform you that we refunded your charge at the same time you mailed us.
2. If you don't think our words are true then you can contact Shopify once.
3. We have refunded the app charge and also told you why you were charged. Please mail checked.

we hope that after reading these three points you will update the review.

18 aprile 2021

usefull app great customer service. i would recommend ...........................................................................

Hack 11
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myappsmarket ha risposto 18 aprile 2021

Thanks for your valuable feedback.

Data modifica: 15 gennaio 2021

I had a problem with some of my description bulk actions and the developer solved it within 24 hours. This app can be perfectible but still does the job well. Not expensive, efficient, spares a lot of time and a responsive team.

Boutique Montblanc Bordeaux
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myappsmarket ha risposto 15 gennaio 2021

Thanks for your valuable feedback.