Prove It Post Purchase Surveys

Prove It Post Purchase Surveys

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Free post-purchase survey for better marketing ROI visibility

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Choose your audience

Select the audience that you want to see your survey. Choose between: new customers, returning customers, or all customers.

Let your customers do the work

Install our post-purchase survey in just minutes to uncover your top-performing marketing channels. Customize to your liking.

Compare attribution data

With Prove It you can compare Shopify’s channel attribution with data directly from your customers to uncover your true marketing ROI.

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About Prove It Post Purchase Surveys

Prove It is an easy-to-use and powerful tool for better understanding which marketing channels are driving conversions. We take the guesswork out of attribution by giving you the ability to ask your customer where they heard about you!

What’s wrong with my analytics tool?

Analytics tools are extremely helpful but they can’t tell the whole story. They rely on click and view information to try to attribute conversions, but fall short because they don’t know what’s happening outside of their platform. They can’t see that your customer has a friend who loves your products, or know that they heard about you on a radio ad, or saw your company featured in a local magazine.

With Prove It we look at what the analytics say, and then we validate using real, automated feedback from your customers.

Key Features:

  • Use our attribution survey feature to ask your customers how they found out about your business, and match their answers to Shopify’s traffic analytics.
  • Uncover the actual sources for sales that are being attributed to “direct traffic”.
  • Create surveys and display them on the order confirmation page.
  • Target surveys to new customers, returning customers, or all customers.
  • Use our built-in reporting or export the data for advanced analysis outside of Shopify.
  • Send data to Google Analytics or Klaviyo with our automated integrations
  • Customize survey responses, thank you messages, and more.

Example use cases:

  • Ask all customers: “Where did you hear about [company name]?”
  • Ask returning customers: “Why did you decide to make a purchase today?”
  • Ask new customers: “How long ago did you first hear about [company name]?”


  • Klaviyo,
  • Google Analytics,
  • recharge,
  • Rockerbox





  • Easy survey setup

  • Unlimited responses

  • Export responses

  • Compare responses

  • Rockerbox integration



  • All Basic plan features

  • Tag responses

  • Google Analytics integration

  • Weekly report emails

  • Choose your audience

  • Follow-up questions



  • All Verify plan features

  • Direct Traffic report

  • Simultaneous Surveys

  • Klaviyo integration

  • ReCharge integration

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Great new app on the market. Attribution can be difficult to nail down unless you have expensive software. Running a post-purchase survey literally asking your customers how they heard about you is a very direct and personal way to know which of your marketing efforts are working. A couple things I really like about this app are it's ability to run multiple surveys at once (first time or returning customer) and the ability to integrate with Klaviyo. Support team has been fantastic and super helpful in setting up and clarifying my survey results. Another interesting aspect is pushing Events to Google Analytics and viewing your results over there, which you can create custom dashboards to compare with your other GA data. High powered results at a very decent price! Highly recommended.


I love this app. Super easy to set up (took all of 5 minutes), and it's giving me really insightful data immediately. I've already learned things about my customers that I didn't know before. Ther reporting and features are the best of all the competitors I've tried. Idea for questions to ask: - How did you hear about us? - Who is this purchase for? - what did you use before us? - How many times a week do you use X? - Are there any additional products you wish we sold? This will be some of the best money you've spent on an app.


I love the Prove It app. Super easy to get up and going and the data is incredibly valuable. We've already implemented some changes to our digital marketing mix based on the learnings from the survey. Jeremiah and team are a pleasure to work with and super quick to incorporate feedback from our team. Highly recommend!