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The check engine light for your website.


Realtime 404 Error Monitoring

Sites break. That’s a fact of life. With Pulse, you will be notified in realtime via email when your site is down or has 404 errors.

Easy 1 Click Setup

From the moment you download the app, Puls will start catching errors on your site. Just input your email address to start getting notified!

Helps Improve User Experience

Get realtime notification via email of customers running into 404 errors so you can quickly fix your site and improve user experience.


The check engine light for your website.

Sites break. That’s a fact of life. What doesn’t have to be a fact of life is you finding out last. With Pulse, when your site breaks or sees an error, you will receive real-time alerts with error details so you can immediately fix these issues.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Within Pulse’s app, you will be able to see analytics and details behind the errors along with being able to filter based on variables such as error type and date.

Easy 1 Click Setup

No developers needed! Pulse starts working instantly with any store theme with 1 click. From the moment you enable the app on your store, it will start catching errors on your website. Just input your email address to start getting notified of the errors!

Free Around The Clock Support

As store owners ourselves, we totally understand that upkeep of your website is critical and keeps you up at night. We want to help you sleep easy at night, so we’ll do our best to respond to your concerns as soon as possible.

Key Features

Activate the app in 1 click and start tracking errors today.

Works out of the box with any other app or theme.

Store all of your website errors in our easy-to-use interface, and get notified via email of these errors.

Track errors on your site for any device - desktop, mobile, or tablets.

View a timeline of errors occurring on your website, and filter them by day, hour of the day, day of the week, and month.



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料金 7日間の無料体験


  • Track Unlimited Errors Per Month
  • 24/7 Site Error Monitoring
  • Real-Time Notification via Email

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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