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14. červen 2024

Push Owl is a fantastic Tool for push messagin.
Mow they offer also email, so they went above and beyond.
Very useful interface, easy to configure and friendly user experience, it is the ultimate tool for a great MKT strategy.
Kudos for the customer support team, they are always ready and keen to lend a hand... fantastic!!

Gift Multiverse
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10. březen 2024

incredible app, but what separates this app from others is their staff and team that arent only helpful but they are patient and genuinely seem to care about your business not just getting a monthly subscription. Even years after having the app they are just as helpful, in particular Rojen, Im genuinely shocked by the level or service and help, i have used shopify for 7 years and have never come across someone like him with any shopify app. couldnt recommend this app more and hats off to Rojen, genuniely shocked. Awesome app and awesome staff!

RoseGold & Black Pty Ltd
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9. duben 2024

I recently had the pleasure of working with Rojen from the PushOwl team, and I must say, the level of customer service I received was truly outstanding.
I was looking to upgrade my PushOwl plan to the Business tier, and Rojen went above and beyond to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process. He is incredibly knowledgeable and responsive. What really stood out to me was Rojen's proactive approach. He reached out to me directly, offered a free upgrade to the Business plan, and walked me through the entire process step-by-step. This level of personalized attention is rare these days, and it made the entire experience feel tailored to my business.

Wonder Wish List
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24. duben 2024

I want to say this app is wonderful .It help me understand the features and gave me some solid advice for my business. The customer service people was in tune to my store needs.

Entrigued By Designz
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22. duben 2024

Outstanding support!

Just finished chatting with Rojen. We installed PushOwl only six days ago and already we have 78 subscribers! :-)

We had some questions regarding PushOwl's automated cart abandonment recover and, best of all, PushOwl's automated browse abandonment recovery feature.

Rojen was so helpful and polite. He answered all of our questions. He was very thorough in explaining how the automations work and what to expect.

It is quite apparent that Rojen and Nayan are fully invested in the success of PushOwls customers like Tippytoad!

So far, I thinks we've picked a real winner with PushOwl and expect to see great results down the road, especially with Rojen and Nayan to help us!

We will be back to review PushOwl and their awesome support staff as we give their system some time to grow our subscribers.

Thanks again, Rojen @ PushOwl!

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10. červen 2024

Pallavi was super helpful with helping us get more out of our traffic through webpush.

Pink Liquidation
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18. červen 2024

I had an excellent experience with PushOwl`s customer support team, with Pallavi in particular. She was incredibly responsive and helpful. Her prompt assistance resolved my issues efficiently. I also find the app itself user-friendly and easy to navigate. Highly recommend !

My Store
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6. červenec 2024

I had an excellent experience with customer service agent Rojen today. He was incredibly patient and took the time to answer all of my questions thoroughly. What really impressed me was that he provided detailed explanations along with helpful screenshots, which made understanding the solutions much easier. Thank you, Rojen, for your outstanding assistance!

The Wild Daisy
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4. duben 2024

I love what this app is about and what it does. I want to give a shout out to Rojen who was so helpful in explaining the process and walking through it with me while i was online. He was very patient and friendly and made sure I understood how it works. He was the first customer service person I have talked to recently that was so kind and helpful.

Curves In Style
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25. březen 2024

We're still in the early stages of working with this app on our store. However, we're extremely pleased with the functionality that we have used to date and seen a positive impact on our store. I would highly recommend this app for your store, whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned professional. Customer service is exceptional. Shout out to Rojen who's a 'Rock Star'.

ProGrip Grip Socks
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