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What is LAY-BUY

LAY-BUY is an approved Layaway payment gateway developed for Shopify merchants because of demand by Shopify merchants from their customers. Please see demo site link below (B6)

  • If you are a merchant who wants to sell into the LAYAWAY, LAYBY markets or a seller who only does pre-orders, then LAY-BUY is a must for activation. Also, if Black Friday, Cyber Monday (BFCM) are big sales days for you, then LAY-BUY would set you apart where you can also offer your deals on these days via affordable payment plans.

  • Now in our fourth year we have activated merchants across multiple country markets globally. Powered by PayPal, we are a global payment gateway and therefore provide our services into all the same country markets as PayPal. Merchants simply need to have a PayPal business account. If you currently offer PayPal - then you should consider activating a Layaway payment option, because there is no extra cost to PayPal merchants.

  • We process orders in multiple currencies, and present our payment plan landing page in languages of English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Czech.

  • LAY-BUY is the online gateway that is catering to the LAYAWAY buyers in USA and Canada, and the LAYBY buyers in Australia, UK and New Zealand. If you sell into any of these markets then you need to consider getting LAY-BUY in place in your checkout. OH, did I forget to say its FREE for merchants, because we charge the buyer a nominal admin fee, based on the order value. The only cost for merchants are their normal transaction fees. So if you are already offering PayPal as a payment method in your checkout, then you may as well offer "PUT IT ON LAY-BUY".

  • Not only are there millions of LAYAWAY and LAYBY buyers out there, but there are also the shoppers who actually do not want to take delivery of the product immediately due to them buying for Xmas or the holiday season. There are then the consumers shopping online today that see a deal but do not have the full outlay price - they then LAY-BUY the goods there and then, secure the deal, and pay the balance off in their own time.

  • These consumers are looking for a deferred payment option where they pay-off the product over 3 to 6 months and take delivery after their final payment. However, customers can payoff a layaway order at any time and take an earlier delivery - thus driving many customers to rather choose LAY-BUY over a consumer credit option.

  • Lay-Buy is not a new payment method, but an established consumer brand in Australia & New Zealand, USA, Canada and UK. These loyal consumers are behind a 25 billion dollar industry within bricks n’ mortar retail.

  • PLUS merchants: Please contact us for our custom solutions package








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Inked Native Leather

I was never able to use the app. My shop has its own domain and i kept getting redirected to lay buys homepage. under their forms to set everything up it shows shopify as an option but your store has to have the "myshopify.com" in the domain. It was extremely frustrating to try and figure out and after an hour I gave up.



Every Shopify store has a .myshopify.com URL.
Your URL is inked-native-leather.myshopify.com
I’ve just fixed your URL in your setup.
Please check now - I will drop you an email too, so we can support you via email communication.


Excellent layaway service that you can offer your clients, free of risk and are very responsive. Support is friendly and they reply fast enough for my needs.

Mountain Metalcraft

Updated to add one more star. Works, but not smoothly. I tried to install this yesterday. The directions are not clear, but I'm confident I did all the steps that are required. It shows up as a payment option at checkout, but when I Continue with purchase, I get an Invalid API error. I did validate my PayPal API info, and can't figure out why this would happen. Emailed tech support, and got the following response: "I’ve just activated your account- please ensure you have the gateway PUT IT ON LAY-BUY installed." (Which I'd already done)
"And settings are:
(my email)
(Merchant ID, which is autofilled)" I did not find this particularly helpful, and am still getting an Invalid API error, with no further response to a second email. Doesn't help that the time difference means I can't get tech support during my business hours. UPDATE: Apparently, this company has two apps. "Laybuy" and "Put it on Laybuy" (both with the same avatar) which is confusing, and not mentioned in the documentation. Laybuy is not compatible with USD...the other is. Got "Put it on Laybuy" added as an alternative payment method, and working, and here's the message I got from the first customer to use it: "Okay...placed the order....but the site is not completely user friendly. I put my info in...then it told me the info didn't take....so I went to put it in again....using a different card...and it just said the order was placed...without sending me to the lay-buy site. So I went to my PayPal...and it looks like it took the first info I entered....though there's no info on when each payment will be deducted. Also...I changed the downpayment to 30% with a 3 month payment....it took the first payment...and I guess I now make 3 additional payments. So...as your Guinea pig...not an Intuitive site...but I'm sure there must be some bugs that can be worked out. Let me know what I can do to help." The payment screen the customer is taken to is cluttered, and people will actually need to read, to understand it. We all know how that goes. I'll give this a try for a few more months, and update as needed.