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7. joulukuu 2022

5 Stars for support. 3 Stars for the app.
Support, ROM, was helpful answering my questions. Provided quick and precise answers. The QuickBooks and the app itself still need improvement when dealing with bundle item SKUs.

Lillie’s Q
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28. syyskuu 2022

Customer service is great and helpful. Rafael was super quick to solve my problems. My main problem is the sycing itself. The Shopify fee and sales receipt are separate transactions that QBO cannot combine automatically into a deposit. This is super annoying. I have to manually enter the fees for every deposit. I would give 5 stars when that's fixed.

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Muokattu 12. toukokuu 2022

Sherwin was very helpful, patient, understanding, and knowledge-able to get my sync into my QBO! Thanks bud although somewhat helpful. UPDATE on app. The App is incomplete. The app will not be able to undo the synced data in QBO. We can only delete data on the app, and you may manually delete or start a clean slate with QB by purging data. App only integrates with Shopify's API which means Shopify Payments is the ONLY payment gateway we will be able to pull records from. and we mainly rely on the data the Shopify's API sends us, which are payments from their own Shipofy Payments, not including other gateway.

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16. helmikuu 2022

I am still navigating how to use this app to work best for my needs. Sherwin from customer service was a huge help in explaining how the system works and helping me understand how to sync and what data can transfer between the two applications. It's not very intuitive on it's own, so I was super thankful for all of Sherwin's insights!

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30. marraskuu 2021

It could be really tricky to do it yourself and the best way is to get your accountant to guide you with the whole process. You need to have proper knowledge of accounting in order to integrate it. But Ronnie was really helpful in guiding me through some of it. So, Yah !

Colors Of Love
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15. syyskuu 2021

Looks great but doesn't support Shopify Edit Orders. So if you edit an order, a customer pays the updated invoice in Shopify, it will not sync over. That money will not be accounted for in quickbooks.

Products On White Photography
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Intuit vastasi 19. syyskuu 2021

Hi Products On White Photography, thank you for taking the time to try out our app. Our team is evaluating how we can improve syncing edited orders suited to your business needs. Our advice here is to configure your integration settings to only sync invoices to QuickBooks once they are final and paid. If you need help doing this, please reach out to our support team via support@onesaas.com.

Muokattu 31. elokuu 2021

Sherwin spent 3 hours helping me resolve issues with the integration. Greatly appreciated and a huge help and very patient, as it has been very frustrating trying to navigate this

Ocean Soul Bali
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2. joulukuu 2020

Only just started, but the service is very quick. Instant customer service so far. Thank you Karol and friends.

The Fine Artist - Tracey Bowes
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13. maaliskuu 2019

I have started using this for over 6 months and in the beginning when the integration was under the "old version" , the stability and performance of the app is usually up to the standard with occasional minor glitches where manual work has to be done in Xero.

However, once OneSaaS has moved to a new integration platform in February 2019, the quality of the integration has greatly diminished where it is creating a lot of extra workload and the level of confidence for the app has greatly dropped for me because there have been missing invoices that are not synced into Xero for unknown reasons until you contact support!

In addition, the lead time for support to reply / resolve issues are much longer compared to 3-4 months ago.

Product sync on the new integration is extremely poor, as the mapping of the products are not as customized as before.

The product description on shopify is now being synced into Xero's product description, suspecting this is due to the majority of the users for this integration are pushing for this change so it is now done this way, where it is not suitable for minority users of the integration.

Depending on your actual needs, this app could be useful or devastating to your workflow.

Would still recommend this app as long as it's suitable to your company's workflow

Hongkong – Kiinan erityishallintoalue
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21. elokuu 2018

OK, so OneSaas WILL let you connect multiple Shopify stores to your accounts package (in our case Xero) BUT it won't transfer refunds of Shopify fees - you have to do this manually.

Also bear in mind that if you have 2 or more Shopify stores you would ideally want the sales for each store to be allocated to a different sales code within your accounts package so that you can see which sales came from which store. Sadly OneSaas will only allow you to allocate all sales to single sales code so you have to go into your accounts package manually and move things around. OneSaas will however let you add a prefix to each order number to make this a little easier.

So the claim on their website that OneSaas will completely automate your online sales isn't entirely true!

That said their online support is excellent and questions are answered very quickly.

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