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8 november 2022

Garbage app and shit customer support, avoid this app. Due to my store having multiple currencies the app gave a customer over 60% discount instead of 25% which made me lose significant money on the order. I later talked to their customer service and was told that they will be able to return my money so I have fulfilled the order, and after that, they refused to refund anything. Their incompatibility with multiple payment currencies wasn't clearly stated anywhere in the app and they only stated this in the app after my issue and after refusing to refund the lost funds. Overall had a very negative experience with this app and the support team and wouldn't recommend this to anyone

Finds Live
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ORICHI heeft geantwoord 9 november 2022

[NOTE] Multi-currency issue was fixed completely! We also tested it carefully so that no store can have the same issue again!

Sorry (again) for the bad experience you had with our app. We just want to say that we tried our best to support you:
- For the issue that you met with our app: we checked and fixed the issue right after you contact us. You also had our promise that the same issue can never happen again!
- For 1 order was impacted by the issue, which make you lost more than 10$ discount: since you have never paid for our app previously which made it's hard to refund you through Shopify, we still tried our best to compensate you with a huge offer on our most expensive plan.

We still open the discussion so you can get back to us if you want. Sorry again for the negative experience and hope you can find the right solution for your store. We're also always welcome you whenever you want to use our app again!
Orichi team

Bewerkt 28 juni 2021

App disabled my "ADD TO CART" button. Support was looking into it and never got back to me. I am dead in the water now. **UPDATE**
Since I left this review, the app publisher has not stopped harassing me to change my review. The app did not work and the support was not there when I needed it.

Vintage Electric Supply
Verenigde Staten
11 dagen gebruiken de app
ORICHI heeft geantwoord 28 juni 2021

Sorry for your bad experience
After looking at the issues I noticed that
The errors that caused the add to cart button did not come from our application. We are trying to explain this. After you install the application everything works normally. After 2-3 days there is an error on your store, please give us a chance to prove it
We have contacted you to like this issue, please give us one more time opportunity to explain. If there is anything you need help with please get in touch with us.
Thank you

13 september 2021

This app broke my store functionality. That is all I have to say. I lost an entire week sales until I realized this app made a change to my theme which caused trouble in general. So hopefully they will fix it but in the mean time I don't recommend this app.

Snakes and Roses
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ORICHI heeft geantwoord 14 september 2021

[NOTE] This issue was fixed completely. Our app is using app embed now, so this kind of issue can never happen again!
Linco here from Quantity App Support. How are you doing today?

I'm so sorry to hear that your experience with the Quantity Discount App was break your theme!

As the owner, I would like to apologize for the poor products you encountered. I understand that you are upset about your problems. Because if it were me, I would definitely do the same.

For the last 3 years, we have made customer satisfaction our main priority. If you could give me further details, I'd be happy to look into the matter and try to rectify the situation. I sent the email to resolve this problem right now. Please check my email.

In the meantime, thank you for reviewing us.
Thank you so much

26 mei 2022

This app changed the script in my store meaning items could not be added to the cart and the update cart function was also broken. After contacting Shopify support we thought it was an issue with my computer and cleared all cookies. It started to work but after almost a week with no orders, a customer contacted me reporting the issue I had been having. I then discovered I was still getting the issue. After contacting shopify support again, it was discovered it had altered the script of my site and we had to revert it back to before adding this app. I do not recommend using this app even if you are paying for it! It started to show faults within 10 minutes of adding to the site and got worse when I removed it.

Soy and Shea
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ORICHI heeft geantwoord 26 mei 2022

[NOTE] This issue was fixed completely. Our app is using app embed now, so this kind of issue can never happen again!
We received your feedback about the serious problems that you met with our app.

Firstly, we are really sorry for the problems our app has caused with your store. It's all our fault for causing those problems and also for not supporting you in time, which ended up having a bad effect on your store's performance. Therefore, we totally understand your frustration.

About the solution for that, I want to ask if your store can work normally now or not, after reverting the store? If not, please let us know so that we can help to fix all of the problems.

Sometimes our app might work incorrectly with some themes (this is normal with any app when the themes are so diverse), so customers can switch to App embed mode or contact us for manual support to fix the issue. We do provide support 24/24 via chat or email. It's a pity that we haven't had the opportunity to support you after you install the app.

And even though you were so disappointed with our app, can we have another chance to serve you again with our app? If yes, we promise to never disappoint you again.

We also contacted you via email for more support. Hope to hear from you.
Thank you

25 februari 2023

Terrible app, it looks very cheap, if you want to decrease your conversion rate then simply install it

9 minuten gebruiken de app
ORICHI heeft geantwoord 26 februari 2023

We are so sorry to disappoint you. But can you please share us more detail about your experience?

I saw that you've uninstalled our app just 9 minutes after you installed it, and you even didn't create any of discount campaign. So I wonder how you can claim that our app decrease your conversion rate, and also advise other merchants about it?

We also sent a follow up email to you. Hope that you will check it so that we can discuss again. We really want to help you to boost your sales performance!

Best regards,
Orichi team

17 augustus 2022

I used [Quantity Discount & Limitsify] and found that it does not satisfy my idea, it is a useless plugin.

Hongkong SAR van China
8 minuten gebruiken de app
ORICHI heeft geantwoord 18 augustus 2022


We are so sorry that our app did not meet your needs for some reasons. Regardless of what the reason is, we would like to send a deep apology for that.

We understand that the important thing we should focus on here is how we can help you to meet those needs. But we notice that you uninstalled our app just some minutes after you installed it. Maybe you didn't try the app enough or maybe there was a problem that we can easily help to fix.

So we hope to have a discussion with you to better understand your needs, also we can help with the guideline and customization if needed.
We already sent an email to you. Hope to receive your reply :D


20 februari 2020

Warning ! This app bug my Debut Theme with the javascript (scrolldown menu & notification of addition to cart). I had to contact shopify support. Thankfully they are efficient and they resolved my bug

8 minuten gebruiken de app
ORICHI heeft geantwoord 20 februari 2020

[NOTE] This issue was fixed completely. Our app is using app embed now, so this kind of issue can never happen again!
Thank you for your feedback!
First of all, on behalf of the whole Orichi team, I'd like to say sorry for the frustration caused.
Yes, we had a bug that conflict Jquery with theme Debut and now we fixed it. The problem is now fixed and we wish you could give us the chance to continue the service. But if not, we totally understand and respect your decision.
If you have any questions, please contact us 24/7 via email
We wish you good health and luck with your business.