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Fantastic customer service. Was able to set up to look exactly how I wanted. Worked well with cart drawer, which other similar ones did not. Also, the volume discount + discount code option works quite well.

Only issue is that the prices shown on the product page do not update real time to match the quantity in the cart. Other discount apps I've used do this seamlessly. The discounts only show up in the cart, once the products are added. They said if enough people request the feature they would add it, so please add your vote for this feature as well!

Mystic Barrels

Brilliant app, 1st class customer service, Vlad was excellent with explaining something technical that I should have already known. The free version is allowing me to get started with tiered pricing and so to grow my store at which time I can step up to the paid version.

Sian Phillips Coaching
Website on Demand Studio, LLCが返信しました 2020年11月18日

Hello friends at Sian Phillips Coaching

We're happy you had a fantastic experience with us! Thanks for leaving us this brilliant review! :-) We're thankful for amazing customers like you. We will be sure to let Vlad know that his assistance was very much appreciated :-)

- Melissa & The Bulk Discounts Now Support Team


So far so good! Great options for tweaking the design and language. Blends in well with my theme. Works like a charm. Thumbs up!!!

Stitch Love Studio
Website on Demand Studio, LLCが返信しました 2020年5月25日

Thank! We are glad you like how flexible our app is :)


The team at Bulk Discounts Now is quick to respond and offers ultra-fast fixes in the event that you make edits to your shopify store & things stop working the way they should. Having the bulk discounts has also helped increase the quantity of larger orders to my shop by a decent amount. Definitely recommend.

Autumn Woods Co.
Website on Demand Studio, LLCが返信しました 2021年6月2日

Hello friends at Autumn Woods Co.

We appreciate you taking the time out to write this great review! We appreciate the recommendation! Happy selling! :-)

- Melissa & The Bulk Discounts Now Support Team


Had a small issue with the placement of the discount chart and we contacted support and the next morning it was all fixed and looking good! Thank you.

Sauce Crafters, Inc.
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Hello friends at Sauce Crafters, Inc.

A big heartfelt thank you for leaving this great review! We're glad that our app has been useful to you!, thanks as well for the kudos on our customer service, we are glad we could be of great help to you :-)

- Melissa & The Bulk Discounts Now Support Team


Amandeep helped me a lot, thank you! nice app, use it for years now. reccomend it, my carts are much bigger now

Seed World
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Hello to our friends at Seed World

Thanks for the awesome review. We're so happy to hear that you are enjoying Bulk Discounts Now and I am glad that we hit the mark for you. Amandeep is our team's superstar and we are elated that he was able to assist you. We’ll make sure we pass your kind words along to Amandeep, who we know will be delighted to read your comment. We wish you and your store great success. We appreciate the recommendation!

Tanu & The Bulk Discounts Now Support Team


Love the easy way it gives you a way to accommodate your resellers without having to have a different page for them

Smael South Africa
Website on Demand Studio, LLCが返信しました 2020年5月26日

Thanks! We are just happy that you love it! :)


Very helpful. They fixed our issues without us having to do anything. Very fast response too. Glad we could have it set up same day.

Magick Planet
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Hello friends from Magick Planet!

Thanks for leaving us this awesome review!, We're glad you like the app, we hope your online store sees huge success!!

-Melissa and the Discounts & Quantity Breaks Support Team


Good tool! Save me a lot of time to build bundle purchase transactions! Highly recommend to merchant who need wholesale tool


Awesome app ! It couldn't be any simpler, really.

Ohmy Robe