Smart Quick View

Smart Quick View

door WebApss

Quick view displays product quickly to buy

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Reduce Shopping Time

Quickly preview products to reduce users' shopping time.

Reduce customer frustration

Customers may be disappointed when they want to see product details on the collection page. Quick View app is used to show details on page

Sales growth

To provide more facilities to visitors, increase sales growth so they can buy products from your store quickly.

Over Smart Quick View

Quick View By Webapss :

  • Product Preview to reduce shopping time of your customers at Shopify
  • Shop the product quickly from home or collection page.
  • Highly customizable button font, color, show / hide quick view elements, zoom effect and more.

Our app is a great tool to let customers quickly view product details without having to load the product page. It will let them browse products in collections as they would on the shelves in supermarkets. Quickly view those they are interested in, and either add them to their cart or close the quick view to put them "back on the shelf" and continue shopping.

Quick View – Best Product Preview to Improve Shopping Experience

Quick View is an important tool for you, which provides quick access to product details in one click without reloading the entire site to your shopkeeper. This app has been developed to help customers save their impatience and frustration by providing a comfortable feeling of coming closer to their goal with fewer clicks.

You can add your product by moving or leaving your product using Quick View App. It promotes positive brand preference and inspires customers to see more and buy more products, which specifically benefits shoppers with a long list of products.


  • Fully customizable features to customize popups
  • Works for all types of products.
  • Product Link button to visit the product page.
  • Fully customized colors for customization
  • Customized button text and font size.
  • Enable/disable popup feature in mobile screen.

Advanced Features

  • Add quick view snippet automatically/manually
  • Select quick view button vertical position
  • Select the quick view button horizontal position
  • Set Icon in quick view button
  • Set different icons on the quick view button
  • Show Quick View button without hover on products


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on our Support Page.

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4.1 van 5 sterren

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The app do not work properly and support is not answering my request for 5 days. The trial will end and I might be invoiced so I will deinstall...


Great tool & awesome support. Help super fast :) Recommend to new stores as there is not all too much support like this from Shopify

Vintage Vdub

This app is very easy to use. Customer support is top notch for sure. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who wants a simple easy to use quick view.