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Quick Viewer

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Product details preview on a category page

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Enhance customer experience

No need to go to the product page many times. Now buyers can add items to their cart without even leaving the collection page.


There is no more annoying page reloading to see product details.

Save buyers' time

This is an exceptionally saving time extension. Now buying online is easier and faster.

Su Quick Viewer

This application makes your site easier and faster to navigate. It provides visitors with a quick view of a product without going to the detail page. It will save users' time.

Quick Viewer shows you all necessary product information in a popup window once a customer clicks on "Quick View" button. It also allows you to add the required quantity of products to cart without reloading the page.

General features of the "Quick Viewer" popup:

  • Viewing the main product info on a listing page (such as title, price, stock, short description, product options, sale label)
  • Change variant images when options are switched
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Responsive design
  • Quickly add products to store cart from a popup window
  • Image Zoom effects
  • View previous/next product
  • Sale icon with total save percent
  • Go to the detail page
  • No need to modify any theme files
  • No limitations on themes
  • Easily change design of the popup window
  • Allows to change the popup window language
  • In case of advanced configuration the app allows to assign the popup window to one product, group of products
  • Provide API for developers
  • Update MiniCart item count after adding product to cart

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4.1 stelle su 5

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Katie J Design And Events

Amazing App - Exactly what I was after! Customer Service was above & beyond. Very helpful with installation and edits that I requested. Could not recommend more. Great App :)

Whtshirtmakers Com

Not helpful instructions, got confused so uninstalled.


I think it does look great! Thank you very much for your help and extra time you put edit my CSS.