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THIS SUCKS!! Check and Cash transactions aren't transferred over for deposits. Quickbooks has a Shopify app that only supports e-commerce selling and I thought that surely Shopify would have a solution because we use Shopify for our POS and our online store. NOPE!!! On my own again and I’ve invested all this time and money into setting up QB Online and making sure that all my platforms (Shopify, eBay and Etsy) are integrated which it comes at a cost of another app. just to have these integrated. Plus an additional app (Better Reports) that costs more money so I can get any type of report that isn’t the basic useless information for financials that is generated in Shopify analytics. But I still have to enter each and every cash and check sale as a manual entry. How can this seem fair to us as Shopify sellers? Why don’t you provide adequate information or the ability to do bookkeeping. This is a huge problem. Especially for all the businesses that switched from QB POS to Shopify. Any sale made in Shopify should be able to be imported into QB, not just the sales that a customer uses a credit card to pay with. Not every seller is just an e-commerce seller, you offer retail POS system, it seems to me that you would offer the basic functionality of importing this information into one any of the major bookkeeping programs. WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO?
Oh wait,I know the answer to that… You understand my frustration and.you’ll be happy to mention it to the developers for them to consider. I’ve been told that more times than I have hairs in my head from Shopify’s support.

Goodman's Interiors & Antiques

I found the connector to be wonky and not user friendly but I have been impressed by the developers' technical support and genuine interest in fixing issues. Jerry, in particular, was very helpful and proactive in helping me troubleshoot my issues (I couldn't add any of the sales into my account!) and helped me fix it (I couldn't explain how). He made himself extremely available for one-on-one interactions and is working hard on addressing the other issue I have with this sync: shopify sales tax info not being properly organized. I think as long as Jerry remains this proactive the app will only continue to improve so I will stick with it for now.

RareJule Vintage

Basically a waste!!!!! I just moved my store from Big Commerce (BC) to Shopify. With BC, all of my order info was synced seamlessly. However, with this app, my Shopify sales aren't fully syncing, which makes QB worthless to me. The sale does appear under the commerce tab, but the customer name isn't included and the sale doesn't appear in my P&L. I subscribe to the plus plan ($85/month) because I generate P.O.'s from QB - however, without the customer name, I would need to manually input all the customer info, which negates the whole point of paying for this service. I contacted support and he had no answers for me, other than suggesting trying other syncing apps (which are all paid apps) to see if one might work better??? I absolutely don't recommend this at all!!

Prepared Planet staging
Intuit Inc.が返信しました 2023年2月3日

We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience! Currently, this app supports importing sales orders and payouts from Shopify. The main feature is you can separate your revenue from taxes and fees from Shopify then map the payouts to your books. You can add the payout transactions to your books by going to Banking > App Transactions > For review. Adding a payout will create the corresponding sales receipt, refund and expense which will map to your P&L.

We are continuing to develop and expand our commerce and inventory management features directly within QuickBooks Online US (including customer details, product mapping, stock level sync and COGS tracking). We’re really looking forward to sharing these new features with you when they are ready.


While I have generally had a positive experience with QBo, I must say that the connector was more effective with OneSaas. Since Intuit acquired OneSaas, the usability has decreased, and we are now actively looking for alternative integration software. Unfortunately, Intuit no longer supports OneSaas software, which has forced me into this scenario.

One major drawback is that we can no longer have accurate A/R reports for our customers. This also removes the ability to use Intuit's own merchant services for collecting A/R. Overall, I still recommend QBo, but I hope that these issues are addressed in future updates.

If you do not care about customer details in your Accounting software, and use your eComm channels for all customer data- it's easy to operate. It does a simple JL entry for the deposits and maps the expenses accordingly.

Houston Llew Studio
Intuit Inc.が返信しました 2023年6月2日

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience! We are continuing to develop and expand our commerce and inventory management features directly within QuickBooks Online US (including product mapping, stock level sync and COGS tracking). We’re really looking forward to sharing these new features with you when they are ready.


This is not the best app. when syncing with Shopify. It will not allow me to administer my bank information easily nor is it automated with my Shopify store. When I click on the app., it takes me to a signup page, which I DO NOT NEED since I am already signed up.
It's too much of a pain to navigate through. If I have to do this manually, I might as well keep the bookkeeping app. that I have already been using.
I had another subscription that I canceled today, thinking that I made a mistake with the setup (over a year ago) but unfortunately, I am still having trouble and have paid double the amount for an item I cannot use. Not for the lack of trying, and or starting from scratch. Therefore, I paid for this month's subscription in connection to my old account along with my new subscription.

Mischa Lottie
Intuit Inc.が返信しました 2022年12月15日

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience, your feedback has been heard and we will be changing the sign in page experience to ensure this doesn't happen in the future.

Could you please reach out to qbcommercesupport@intuit.com to ensure we can resolve the setup issues and any billing issues you incurred. Thank you.


This app works but is lacking. We have cash transactions that do not import into quickbooks. We also have had an error, called support (very hard to work with them due to language barriers) Opened case of which they said they would follow up, however, no follow up and case was not showing up. I hate to call back as it took hours on the phone but we still have the error.

Woodchuck Woodworking
Intuit Inc.が返信しました 2023年3月20日

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. Currently cash transactions will have to be manually accounted for, we recommend adding this direct from your bank feed deposits.

One of our product experts is reaching out to you via email to follow up on your case.


This was a hot mess. It's not intuitive at all. What buttons work in the register don't work here. It added hundreds of deposits that were already in my register. I had to manually delete a year's worth. Once that was done by books were still off by several thousands and I had to manually fix that. Someone at QB reached out to me and walked me thru it which was nice, but this app has a long way to go.

Crimson and Clover Studio
Intuit Inc.が返信しました 2023年1月3日

Thank you for the feedback Crimson and Clover Studio, happy I was able to work with you and understand the gaps. We are working on updating the actions to be more consistent between the banking register, app transactions and new commerce sections.

Thanks again for spending the time to help us improve.


This integration is new. Issues in the beginning but I put in a tech support email and was responded to the next day by Jerry and everything is working great! Jerry is awesome and very knowledgeable. What's great about this is its a free option to make the connection from Shopify to quickbooks as opposed to paying monthly for others. They get very expensive. The errors got fixed quickly while on tech support and has been working perfectly. I also got Shopify balance working! there is a feed for Shopify balance but not available in quickbooks yet. I do hope they get the feed working in qb but what I did was get the feed through my regular banking app. I'd imagine most banks allow for this... not sure. From there you can find your normal bank through quickbooks and just select the Shopify balance feed. Its a work around but no problems at all. I did also mention to tech support that Shopify balance feed is live so they know and they are working on it. Hope this helps.

Lost Life On Wax
Intuit Inc.が返信しました 2023年1月17日

Thank you! We're glad Jerry was able to help you out and we really appreciate your honest feedback.


I have been using the "QuickBooks Online Global" app. I thought I would try this new app as it is promoted in QuickBooks Online in their menu. This app is not very good. There are many issues with it and is really designed for someone that just wants to resale and not really do bookkeeping. from what I could see it just does bulk entries. It does not ender the orders or payout individually. We have orders that are emailed, invoiced, called in, and such. They are not processed through Shopify, but in QuickBooks. We need the ability to track orders, products sold, shipments, etc., this this app does not allow. "QuickBooks Online Global" is a free app that does much more and is also by Intuit. It creates individual sales receipt or invoices on QuickBooks and creates a customer with their information. Allows for easy tracking of orders and customer.

EDCOR Electronics Corporation
Intuit Inc.が返信しました 2023年6月2日

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience! We are continuing to develop and expand our commerce and inventory management features directly within QuickBooks Online US (including product mapping, stock level sync and COGS tracking). We’re really looking forward to sharing these new features with you when they are ready.


If unfortunately doesn't work. It only gives you the option to map all of your sales to a single product or service which is automagically creates for you called "Shopify Sales Item" or something. I need my SKUs to map to my SKUs in Quickbooks so I can do proper class tracking on them. Additionally, when I tried to actually add a payout from the app transactions list, it gave me a cryptic error about entering the quantities. Which is impossible, since there's nowhere that is editable.

Honestly, as is, don't install it. It won't work for you, and will end up causing more work to clean up all of the garbage it generates like new products, new accounts, etc. It might be great in a year, but right now its an alpha release product at best.

Chuffed Puzzles
Intuit Inc.が返信しました 2023年1月30日

Thanks for the review! We totally understand that more order data and functionality is crucial for managing your product-based business. The features such as mapping SKUs, the recording of COGS, and inventory management are all being worked on by our product team right now. These capabilities will be rolled out in the future, and we'll let you know when those features become available!

One of our product experts is reaching out to you via email to learn more about the error messages you experienced.