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Ricca Jewelry

After 2 months of commerce channels not connecting with the banking feature, it's finally fixed! The help agents kept telling me that developers were working on this and that it was a system-wide issue, but there was no timeline and zero updates. Most businesses sell online so not being able to capture sales from your online channels is beyond problematic. I received a feedback form and responded expressing my frustration with these unresolved issues. The next day after submitting the feedback form, I received an email from Jerry Chuang. He and I eventually hopped on a Zoom call to finally resolve these issues once and for all. Jerry was incredibly patient, solution-focused, and most of all he provided a great customer experience. Prior to Jerry, I was so frustrated with Quickbooks that I was about to change software systems, but fortunately I won't need to do that anymore. My recommendation to all is that if you have a commerce issue, select the "give us feedback" highlighted in blue in the Overview Commerce tab. It will connect you to the right people who can help. Thank you Jerry, you saved the day!

PRIORI Skincare

I love the shopify connector by QuickBooks! I has great decreased my time spent entering each individual sale. In addition, it even enhanced the way I was entering information in Quickbooks for improved tracking and analytics! Highly recommend!


I recently had a problem with transferring shop pay installments correctly into QBO but customer experience lead Jerry helped me solve the issue. Other than that, I’ve had a great experience using the connector app.

Arcwood Jewelry
Intuit Inc.が返信しました 2023年6月2日

Thank you! We're glad Jerry was able to help you out and we really appreciate your honest feedback.


This integration is new. Issues in the beginning but I put in a tech support email and was responded to the next day by Jerry and everything is working great! Jerry is awesome and very knowledgeable. What's great about this is its a free option to make the connection from Shopify to quickbooks as opposed to paying monthly for others. They get very expensive. The errors got fixed quickly while on tech support and has been working perfectly. I also got Shopify balance working! there is a feed for Shopify balance but not available in quickbooks yet. I do hope they get the feed working in qb but what I did was get the feed through my regular banking app. I'd imagine most banks allow for this... not sure. From there you can find your normal bank through quickbooks and just select the Shopify balance feed. Its a work around but no problems at all. I did also mention to tech support that Shopify balance feed is live so they know and they are working on it. Hope this helps.

Lost Life On Wax
Intuit Inc.が返信しました 2023年1月17日

Thank you! We're glad Jerry was able to help you out and we really appreciate your honest feedback.


I wish i do this sooner
Helps a lot with the accounting formthe business
Now I don’t have to do this manually

Truccos by Keyra
Intuit Inc.が返信しました 2023年1月23日

Thanks for your great review! Glad to hear it's helping reduce some manual work.


Preppy Party Company