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10. heinäkuu 2023

Quinn is a fantastic way to integrate video format content across your website and add a solid layer of engagement and interaction on your site. The best part is the team- they are always available to listen, the turnaround time of executing requests is amazing and they're always willing to give their inputs to make the Quinn experience better for our customers! It's been a little over a month working with them and so far I've been really happy. As for engagement metrics, I am waiting for results this month and will accordingly update my review.

The State Plate
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24. heinäkuu 2023

Quinn has been a fantastic addition to our store. They provide an easy way to integrate the content we've already been using to improve the customer shopping experience. The backend is seamless and easy to use, and it doesnt affect store speed. The features can also be used extensively in a variety of creative ways to boost ATC, Conversions, Discovery etc.

They are also able to provide great tailor-made solutions so that it does not interrupt your branding, and fits into the store easily. The team is also extremely helpful and it has been a pleasure working with them.

Limese India
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17. tammikuu 2023

The best thing about them is their amazing support team!!!
They not only help us in setting everything up, but they help us in optimising our whole store along with different types of AB testing.
We saw an average improvement in Product CVRs by over 30% which has significantly helped us in our overall Revenue increase as well.

RAS Luxury Oils
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21. kesäkuu 2023

It has been a pleasure working with the team. They are always so responsive and supportive, which is something that is very important to our team.
The app has gone through its first month showing promising results and customer engagement. We will begin applying more videos across the site to expand on those results.

Wooden Ships
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24. maaliskuu 2023

So, we started using 3 months ago, and the journey's been phenomenal so far!!
Their support team is the best in the market, they personally help with all the setup and what we should do to improve our business, what we loved the most was their video landing page feature, its cvr was 4x better than our normal LP cvrs,
I suggest all the DTC brands to use it!
PS: The founder himself helps you in case of emergencies even at 1am in the morning, which is the best!

Moody Store
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29. elokuu 2023

we started using 2 months ago, and the journey has been great so far.
They personally help with all the setup and what we should do to improve our business, support team is amazing. we have seen a promising results and we are planning to include more videos in the landing page to increase conversion.

The Amethyst Store
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19. heinäkuu 2023

Quinn has been an absolute game-changer for our website's video commerce needs. From the moment we integrated their service, the impact was undeniable. The platform's seamless integration and user-friendly interface allowed us to showcase our products through captivating videos effortlessly.

One of the standout features of Quinn is its advanced video analytics, which provided valuable insights into customer engagement and behavior. This data-driven approach has empowered us to optimize our video content.

Furthermore, their support team is absolutely great.

Two Brothers Organic Farms
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14. kesäkuu 2023

Working with Quinn has been an awesome experience! Not only are we seeing a great return on our investment, but the Quinn team has been super helpful with all aspects of the app on our store. We are very happy with the technology and the service provided by the Quinn team!

Sigma Beauty
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9. toukokuu 2023

I am extremely satisfied with the Quinn app and its exceptional service. From the user-friendly interface to the app's reliability, it has surpassed all my expectations. The prompt and helpful support provided by the team further enhanced my experience. With a plethora of features catering to various needs, this app has become an indispensable tool in my daily life. I highly recommend this app to anyone seeking a high end Gif gallary app

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5. huhtikuu 2023

Wrong expectations set from on catalog images is a HUGE pain point in fashion - our entire catalog was made shop-able and interactive via Quinn, helping us get a jump in conversion rate & having the added benefits of reduction in returns. The team has been incredibly supportive and agile in responding to any/all queries - highly recommend Quinn as a partner.

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