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6 maggio 2021

this is great. really happy there is a free version so that i dont have to pay octane ai which is super expensive compared to you. thanks for building this app.

Violet Healthcare
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Prehook ha risposto 6 maggio 2021

You are most welcome, we are glad that you are finding Prehook helpful to your growth. Excited to see your continued success!

- Gen

14 aprile 2021

Awesome app, easy to use. We are brand new to Shopify and creating an engaging start up quiz helped us learn about our customer base and what tools they are looking for as parents!

Tasteful Toys
Oltre 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Prehook ha risposto 15 aprile 2021

Thanks so much for the feedback, one of our main goals is to help merchants learn more from their customer base and create a personalized shopping experience from that!

- Gen

Data modifica: 9 agosto 2021

The Prehook team went above and beyond to meet our expectations. They rushed to implement entirely new updates to the Klaviyo "product recommendation" integration at our request and delivered a perfected experience for us and our customers. Incredible. The app itself is wonderful, simple to set up, yet complex enough to accomplish whatever your needs might be. Prehook knocked it out of the park here. Thanks, guys.

Camille Beckman
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Oltre 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Prehook ha risposto 9 agosto 2021

Hi, thanks so much for the review and sharing your experience of working with us. It has been a pleasure to work with you all to ensure that you are able to make the most of the customer data gathered from the quiz. We're excited for your continued growth with quizzes and zero-party data!

- Gen

17 agosto 2021

Prehook is a great tool if you want to engage with your traffic and capture their preferences and email address. We have a prehook quiz at the top of our home page and we're collecting more data than ever before. Prehook are real people, you can reach out and chat with Gen the co-founder and he'll personally support you. Looking forward to growing our relationship with Prehook.

McKenzie's Meats
Oltre 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Prehook ha risposto 23 agosto 2021

We are looking forward to growing the relationship with you as well -- we're thrilled to hear about the data that you're gathering with the quiz and ability to engage your customers! Thanks so much for partnering with us!

- Gen

9 dicembre 2021

My man Gen was awesome, we scheduled a called, shared screens and he showed me some great ways to integrate my Prehook with Klaviyo and inside of my product pages to increase my conversions...Excellent

Air Purifier Systems
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Oltre 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Prehook ha risposto 9 dicembre 2021

Thank you so much for your feedback and review, it was a pleasure showing you around the product and helping you increase conversions. Here's to your continued success!

- Gen

27 aprile 2021

I love this app. I tried two different quiz builders before finding this one. The premade templates are great and very easy to customize. I even found one that was specifically made for my niche. I did not have to contact customer service because the app was easy and intuitive to set up and has worked perfectly.

Cake for Breakfast Company
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Oltre 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Prehook ha risposto 27 aprile 2021

Hi Cake for Breakfast, thanks so much for the review, we are super excited that you've found the app valuable and intuitive.

Of course, feel free to email as at any time as well, we'd love to help with quiz strategy, or your input for features that would help you in the future!

- Gen

Data modifica: 24 agosto 2023

This app had been a game changer for my skincare store. Recently, I have been unable to access customer data. I have made several attempts to contact them in the last 2 months but they have not replied any of my emails. Sadly, I would have to delete the app after nearly 2 years of delivering great results.

I was contacted and made aware that they had not received any of my numerous emails. The issue was promptly rectified and in addition my account has been credited with 2 months subscription. Glad I can now access of our customer data. Amazing service guys!

Ella Freda Organics
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Prehook ha risposto 2 settembre 2021

Wow, thank you so much for sharing your experience with Prehook, we are thrilled to hear how it's been a game-changer for you!!

We are here for you as you continue to grow and test new quiz ideas, very excited to help you get to the next level of growth!

- Gen

10 agosto 2021

As soon as we installed Prehook and started showing our quiz to website visitors, we saw an instant rise in conversion rates and AOV. It has helped improve our overall website experience and lets us learn more about our customer's pain points and then, recommends the most suitable health products to help solve our customer's problems now. We tried other quiz apps before but Prehook is the best on the app store–simple to set up, easy to use, beautiful design, price competitive, and best of all, it's helped skyrocket our email and SMS subscribers lists! But my favourite feature of Prehook is how the back end functionality has allowed us to use the data to more effectively retarget customers with relevant email marketing content and cross-sells that are driving repeat purchases. Gen and the Prehook team have been super helpful in guiding us to get the most out of the app and improve our quiz results! Personalized marketing is the future of e-commerce and I would highly recommend using the Prehook app for your business. My only regret is, I should've started using it sooner!

Quasi 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Prehook ha risposto 11 agosto 2021

YES!!! We are thrilled that you are seeing a list in conversion rate and AOV. You are using the customer data in a very sophisticated manner with Klaviyo, so awesome to hear that the data is improving your omnichannel marketing -- email, SMS, paid ads etc. Thanks for using Prehook, excited for your continued growth!

- Gen

24 febbraio 2021

I used this quiz to make a quiz for my photography business. It was super easy to use. I love the drag and drop option when creating the quiz. My favorite part about Prehook is the fact they have templates to choose from. I was able to take template and just move the boxes and insert my own questions. This made it really easy to understand and with little learning curve. I also really like that it integrates with Klaviyo as it gives me a big advantage to already know what product to market to my customers. I am excited to see how much more revenue it generates.

Hashtag Presets
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Quasi 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Prehook ha risposto 24 febbraio 2021

Thank you for the review and using Prehook! very glad to hear that it was an easy learning curve. We are here if you have any other questions, just reach out, thanks!

- Gen

1 dicembre 2021

Great customer service! Gen Furukawa answered all of my questions, even though my request was complicated. I can definetly recommend this app and also the customer service.

Unrefined Riches
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Prehook ha risposto 1 dicembre 2021

Thanks so much for sharing this, we love to solve complicated challenges, glad that we were able to find some resolutions! To your continued success!

- Gen