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  • 評価の2%は4つ星です
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The app doesn't work with all themes. We also disabled the app for a few months, yet they still send us emails stating that we have reached 90% of our account's session limit and need to upgrade. Hmmmm, How is that possible if the app isn't even active on our website? If the app was active, I may have fallen for this and upgraded, shame on you guys for giving your customers false analytics.

Rapid Searchが返信しました 2024年1月15日

Thank you for your feedback.
We are committed to providing the best user experience, so we deeply apologize for this bug.
Our team has already fixed the issue and we notified you about the updates via email.

We take your concerns seriously and are committed to addressing them properly. Therefore we sent you an email with further details and questions.
We are looking forward to your reply,

Thank you so much,
Matt from the Rapid Search team.