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13 de novembro de 2020

Excellent app we found it very helpful to fix few issues we over looked.
Highly recommend trying out the trial

Naughty by Nature Adult Store
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: About 1 month
15 de março de 2020

dont recording all session, miss some of them, i cant analyse my record with some record missing....

Little Pretty Store ®
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: 3 days
Questão respondida por Reactflow 2 de setembro de 2020

Thanks for trying out Reactflow. We do track all visitors as shown on the Analytics page, however, for recording the visitors, we try to record as much as possible. We should record the majority of your visitors but we cannot guarantee specific visitors to get recorded.

Few roles in the play. First, according to the plan you purchased, we might sample some of your visitors for recording so that you do not finish your daily recording quota too early during the day.

Second, could be the technology constraint of your visitors. We are using bleeding-edge technologies to record visitor activities, some older browsers might not support our technology, some might disable Javascript or install blockers.

Lastly, the network condition of your visitors plays a major role. We use WebSocket to establish a secure connection between our server and your visitor. In order to avoid your website from getting slow, we do initialize our codes AFTER your website is fully loaded. If a visitor browses your website too fast, before our recorder gets a chance to initialize on the page, we will not record visitor activity on that page.

We do not sacrifice your website quality, performance, visitor experience, and loading speed.
We initializing recording after the website is fully loaded and after the browser has passed certain tests.